Rangi, VR Puzzle Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Digigo Games and Funsoft released a new game that’s now on Steam Greenlight. The VR puzzler takes players to bright and colorful ancient temples that challenge players wit and skill. Rangi is currently looking for votes and will be for PC.

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of crappy VR games that oftentimes look unoriginal and come in barely finished with terrible frame rate and graphics. Looking over to Greenlight the platform is mostly filled with abysmal VR titles that come from shady developers.

Sometime there are other games on Greenlight that actually try, and In the case of Rangi it seems as if the devs behind it actually took their time with this adventure puzzle game and stirred up something interesting for Greenlight’s standards. Displaying bright and colorful environments with rhythmic music, Rangi not only explores a tribal theme but a virtual reality puzzle world.

As it stands now the puzzles do not show anything too complex, which I was hoping the gameplay trailer would cover more intricate looking puzzle problems sprawled throughout the ancient temple, but overall it looks like a decent VR Greenlight game.

Speaking of the game looking decent, you can be the judge of how Rangi looks by watching two trailers. The first video stands as a teaser trailer while the second is a gameplay trailer, which both videos come in by Digigo Games.

The game will focus on solving cryptic puzzles, reconstructing ancient statues, navigating deadly platforms and discovering all of the enigmas in the temple through the vision of your own eyes in a VR setting.

The devs also make mention that players while on their journey to recover the life force of the Music Giants and restore rhythm to the world, there will be hidden artifacts to find and collect in each of the different maps.

Rangi is set to be for PC and is currently up on Steam Greenlight if you are looking to vote for the VR game. You can learn more regarding this game by heading over to rangigame.com.


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