Redout, F-Zero Style Racer Comes To Nintendo Switch This Spring
Redout Nintendo Switch

Nicalis announced that their F-Zero inspired racer, Redout, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch this spring. Pre-orders have currently opened up for the game over on Amazon for $39.99.

Even though the Amazon page says that the game is due out at the end of December in 2017, Nicalis confirmed in the press release that Redout is actually set for release this spring on the Nintendo Switch.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered racing title is actually a port from when it released on PC from 34BigThings last year. If you don’t know what the gameplay is like, you can check ou the trailer below.

34BigThings teamed up with Nicalis to have the game ported to Nintendo Switch as a digital release. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop shortly after the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd.

The game will also be specifically designed to take advantage of the Joy-Con analog sticks and motion controls, allowing gamers to drift around corners, angle the pitch and yaw of the ships and control the speed as well.

This is one of the early Unreal Engine 4 games set to release on the Nintendo Switch this year, with plenty more scheduled to appear on the console as well.

At $39.99, it’s a competitive price and makes it difficult to pass up when it eventually does launch on the hybrid console that you can play on the go.

Some gamers haven’t been entirely thrilled with the Switch, citing the high price and lack of compelling launch software to get them enticed. Others have gone all-in on the system, loving the ability to play games at home in full screen or on the go via the mobile capability.

Price and software are definitely the two things that will determine whether or not Nintendo’s latest venture will be worthwhile. There are definitely plenty of analysts and shareholders on the sideline looking and waiting to see if the whole thing crashes and burns, but if they have a solid line-up with more games like Redout on the way, it’ll be a tough system to pass up for those who don’t have a beefy gaming rig.


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