Remnants of Naezith Gets Greenlit In A Single Day

Indie developers Naezith (I seriously can’t find any other name), posted their new game Remnants of Naezith onto Steam Greenlight yesterday on January 30th, and in only 24 hours, Remnants of Naezith was flooded with votes and Greenlit for steam.

It is rare to find a game on Steam Greenlight that is made with high quality, but the story, the animations, and the graphic art style were apparently enough to wow the community to get them to rapidly vote the game through the Greenlight process. Remnants of Naezith is a fast paced, hardcore dungeon platform game where you must swing through deadly tunnels and avoid traps using your lightning powered grappling hooks, as you search for an ancient power.

Remnants of Naezith follows the journey of a treasure hunter that was exploring an ancient ruin, he happens to fall into a deep pit where he is possessed by the spirit of a powerful thunder dragon named Naezith. The dragon tells him that if other people find the remnants of his body, they too will be able to use those parts to harness immense power, and therefore, Naezith wants the treasure hunter to seek out those remnants and destroy them to stop anyone else from using the power.

In exchange, the treasure hunter is given powerful new abilities and is promised a grand treasure at the end of his task if he succeeds. The treasure hunter agrees, and that is where the journey begins.

Remnants of Naezith will feature four chapters with 20 branching levels, allowing you to choose your path to select the next stage in your journey. Additionally, there will also be Speedruns, custom levels, leaderboards and global ranking charts to compete against the world.

Take a look at the official Remnants of Naezith gameplay trailer linked down below.

Remnants of Naezith is scheduled to be released at the end of the year during the fourth quarter.

The developer also says that if you are interested in the game he will have an official Steam Store page up soon so that you will be able to add the game to your Wishlist so that you will be reminded when it officially launches.

For more information, you can visit the Steam Greenlight page to learn more, or check out the official Remnants of Naezith website for further details about the game.


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