Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Walkthrough
Resident Evil 7 Mia Winters

Resident Evil 7 is now out and about for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and PlayStation VR. It’s a serious throwback to the classic Resident Evil games despite being in first-person. If you need a bit of help finding keys, unlocking doors, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges, this walkthrough guide for Resident Evil 7 just might help.

The start of the game sees Ethan searching for Mia Winters in Dulvey, Louisiana after she disappeared three years ago. Players can look around after first getting out of the car using the right analog. Simply walk around and follow the pathway toward the house.

You’ll find a note with “Join Us” inside of the abandoned white van, while inside one of the houses you’ll find some cassette tapes upstairs with a cassette player to save your game. You’ll be able to watch the video footage of the camera crew after going back downstairs and watching the footage on the VHS player.

Resident Evil 7

The tape reveals the crew as they wander through the house, mentioning that it’s owned by the Baker family who went missing three years prior. Jack and Marguerite Baker lived in the house along with Lucas Baker.

Continue to follow the little annoying man around the house until you travel downstairs where the dead producer is located. Once the tape stops playing you can then head over to the fireplace, activate the lever under the fireplace and climb down the ladder into the basement.

YouTuber Bio Razi captures the first part of the segment in a video playlist series. You can check it out below.

When you reach Mia in the basement, use the nearby bolt cutters to unlock the cell and follow Mia as she leads you through the tunnels. Talk to Mia while she sits on the couch and then go looking around until Mia gets snatched up.

Battle Mia, heal yourself using the ointment and then use the axe to dodge and kill Mia. Grab the items in the area, restore the fuse in the box and then a cutscene will play. After Mia cuts off Ethan’s arm run and grab the gun and healing ointment. Use Triangle (or ‘Y’ on Xbox) to open your inventory and switch to the pistol. There’s a box of ammo nearby along with a second box of pistol ammo in the adjacent room.

You’ll need about 20 shots to kill Mia during the chainsaw fight. Only aim for her head.

Another short cinematic will play and then the infamous dinner scene will play. The Baker family have been capturing people and eating them.

After you escape, grab the bullets from the sitting room area and then get a hold of any spare items. You’ll need to get a hold of the key on the desk in the main hall. Jack will be patrolling the hall. You can wait for him to turn his back and then grab the key.

Use the key on the floor compartment in the room off the kitchen. Head down and get the cassette, answer the phone, and store any spare items in the storage chest. Talk to the officer at the window, he’ll give you a pocket knife. Use the knife to open the wooden crate and cut open the tape to access the garage.

Battle Jack in the garage by grabbing the car keys from the storage locker and then run him over with the car. Keep running him over until he rips off the car roof and climbs inside with you. Drive him into the I-beam and then shoot him a few times after he catches on fire. Proceed to climb up the ladder and get the emblem out of the picture frame on the steel storage shelf.

Use the emblem to unlock the door to the foyer. Head through the room and take the Dog Head emblem out of the book. Proceed to play the VHS tape in the VCR, which features footage of Mia escaping from Marguerite.

You’ll play as Marguerite, be sure to hide behind crates and other objects to escape from her. Head outside to your right and stay low to avoid being seen. When Marguerite finally leaves activate the spider statue and align it as it’s shown in the image below.

Resident Evil 7

Head through the back corner of the wall and continue to hide from Marguerite until you can get into the compartment under the floor and then a cinematic will play.

As Ethan, grab the other items in the room recreation billiard room and then head outside and around the balcony into the other room. There’s a bathroom that you can enter. Go inside. Drain the water from the tube and take the item inside.

Hop back down the staircase and head back into the foyer with the bird cages. You may have to sneak past or outrun Jack. It’s easier to wait for him to turn his back and sneak past him by using the chairs.

Head into the room with the projector pointed at the empty pedestal. Place the object you retrieved from the bathtub – the eagle statue – onto the pedestal and align it as pictured below.

Resident Evil 7 - Projector Puzzle

Proceed through the secret compartment and gather up any useful items. There will be an encounter with one of the turned victims. Try to avoid them and head into the room. There’s a note that informs you that you’ll need to find the reliefs shaped like dog heads. One of them is located in the dissection room underground.

The shotgun is located in the rec room.

Head down the stairs into the basement and open up the morgue drawers to get the Dissection Room key.

Head through the tunnels toward the blue shutters and pull it back. You can unlock the room with the key and get the coin.

Use the coins to unlock the bird cage back in the foyer and and get the Scorpion Key.

Use the key on the Scorpion Door upstairs on the second floor of the foyer through the billiard/rec room.

The shotgun is just inside the room, but it’s broken. Head downstairs and exchange the broken shotgun with the working shotgun by placing the broken shotgun into the hands of the statue through the room in the foyer.

Take the Clock Pendulum from the grandfather clock.

Head into the living room that’s just off the dining from back near the beginning when the dinner scene played. Place the clock pendulum into the grandfather clock.

Head back down into the basement and through the Dissection Room. If you move past the tubes and avoid (or kill) the monster, you can get through the room that will lead to the engine room. A cinematic will play with Jack and then you’ll be able to get your hands on a few items.

The Dog’s Head statue is also located on a chain just beyond the room where the dead deputy is. A boss fight will ensue with Jack. If you have the shotgun and some ammo… use it!

Shoot papa Jack until he kneels on the ground. While down shoot the abscess on his back. Rinse and repeat until he explodes. There’s also a chainsaw you can use to cut him open and also saw the bars off the door so you can get to the next segment.

Place the dog heads on the front door.

Head outside and into the trailer park, as indicated in the walkthrough guide from RabidRetrospectGames.

Head across the property to the old house with all the flies. Use the knife to kill the flies on the wall.

The door will be blocked by a giant nest. Shoot the nest until it breaks and proceed through the door.

Head past the nest and into the room and you’ll find another part for the flamethrower, along with a room where you can save your game. Assemble the flamethrower and use it to burn off the insets clocking the way. Grab the items in the storage.

You’ll need to get the spider statue again that Mia had in her VHS tape. Place the statue on the pedestal in the room with the projector just off the pathway from the little room on the boondocks where you can save your game.

Resident Evil 7

Head through the crevice between the wall and proceed to head under the floor. Head to the end and then grab the crank.

Head back outside the crank shaft was that had a nest around it. Put the crank on the shaft to raise the bridge. Inside the shack is a chest with a Crow Key.

Head back to the inside of the house toward the Crow Door and fight Marguerite as a boss. You’ll need plenty of flamethrower fuel for the fight as she has lots of flies that she’ll throw at you in a tiny little crevice.

Defeat her, use the crank on the shaft, open the bridge, head back to the main mansion and go upstairs where the black soot is all over the walls. Use the crow key to open up the crow door. Grab the items.

Head back to the crow door in Marguerite’s place and grab the serum from the altar.

Head down into the pit where the monster runs off to and then travel up to exit from the house.

Unlock the gate on the side of the trailer park mobile home, and head through the greenhouse. Head up the steps covered in fungus and go inside. There’s a hole in the floor you can drop down into.

Climb up the stairs and fight Marguerite again – use the flamethrower and attack the exposed nest on her lower intestines.

After defeating her, grab Marguerite’s lantern, which was used to control the insects.

You might want to swap the flamethrower for the shotgun.

Head back to the house with the crow’s door. Go inside the crow’s room on the second floor upstairs and use Marguerite’s lantern on the scale to open the secret door.

Head through the rooms and there’s a small compartment in one room where you can crawl through a cubby-hole and grab the D-Series Arm.

Resident Evil 7: D-Series Arm

Following the phone conversation with Lucas, head back into the basement where the dead Deputy is located. Reach into his severed body and recover the Snake Key.

Proceed back to the foyer and head upstairs. Use the snake key on the locked door. Check the lamp trophy on the desk and rotate it to activate the lever to drop the ladder down so you can access the attic.

Activate the statue on the pedestal and rotate it as indicated in the image below.

Axeman Puzzle

This will open up the doll house so you can get the blue keycard.

Head across the hall to the other snake door upstairs and go inside the bedroom. Activate the alarm clock on the desk and set it to: 10:15

The secret door will open up and lead you down into a slaughter room. The red keycard is on the slaughtering room’s table.

There’s a door that will take you to the basement where you can then head back upstairs.

Lucas will call you and tell you to head to the locked door through the courtyard just outside.

There’s a VHS tape you can put into the VCR.

In the flashback use the candle on the stove to light it up. Reach into the poop-filled toilet and grab the diarrhea covered telescope. Use the candle on the door latch to open it. Take one of the balloons from the room and put it over the opening in order to get the quill pen.

For the door lock, you’ll need to set it to a hanging man, a shadowy head and the little baby, as indicated in the image below.

Birthday party lock

Take the figure and burn it over the stove. It’ll reveal a dummy finger. Place the finger on the statue in the other room and then place the quill pen in the dummy’s hand. Place the wind up valve inside the dummy’s chest. The room will open up. Type in “Loser” into the lock.

Go into the room and get the valve. Head back into the other room with the pipe and place the valve on the pipe. Go back into the kitchen and light up the candle on the stove and then put the candle in the cake.

Once the flashback is finished, direct Ethan into the party room and turn on the TV.

When the video finishes head through the hallway and proceed through the unfinished rooms; careful they’re booby trapped.

Head into the room with the keypad. The code to open the hidden room is: 1408

Proceed through to the barn. Get the battery and place it into the box to activate the arena fight. Be sure to stock up on ammo before you start the fight.

Crazy Lucas

Hit the button inside of the elevator after killing both of the fat men to proceed to the next section. You will gain access to the door with the code: 1146

You’ll need to put all your equipment in the trunk and then proceed to do the birthday cake candle puzzle again.

When it’s time to light the cake and it blows up, Ethan doesn’t die. There’s a bundle of TNT that rolls out; grab it and stuff it into the wall to blow it open. Stand in the other room to avoid being blown to pieces.

You can now retrieve your gear. You’ll also need a crank so you can get to the other side of the pier just across the bridge.

As Ethan goes to rescue Mia and Zoe, Jack comes back as a big, ugly grotesque deformed monster. You’ll need to blow out each of the eyeballs across his body. Head up and down the stairs to void getting clobbered. Two hits and you’ll die.

After defeating Jack, you can choose to either save Mia or save Zoe by giving them the cure. Depending on who you choose to save depends on which ending you’ll get.

You can check out both endings below, the good and the bad ending, courtesy of punish.

The ending isn’t just the ending, though, after you help Mia or Zoe there’s an additional wrecked ship segment you’ll need to play through.

The environment is mostly linear.

follow the doorways and check the cabinets and lockers for stuff. You’ll need to find a fuse while some creepy crawlies move about. Follow the doorways until you get to the room with a cassette tape so you can save your progress.

Head around the hallway towards a room across from the 1F door, and there’s a fuse inside of a box; there’s also monster inside so grab the fuse quick. Use the fuse on the 1F door and head upstairs to 2F so you can watch the VHS tape.

The flashback features director Alan Droney and Mia Winters after the little girl, Eveline (codename Evie) escapes. You’ll find a sub-machine gun in your inventory and some gear to help you out.

The mission protocol says that if Eveline gets out of control, she must be disposed of. Use the wrist watch to where she is on the ship, similar to the waypoint trackers in other games. Use the elevator to head to the floor Eveline is on. Careful, there is a sludge monster inside once you step in.

After you take the elevator to the next floor, follow the hallways to the locked door and continue to use the tracker.

Keep chasing Evie through the halls until you get to the elevator and head back upstairs. Head through the room where Alan used to be and then proceed down the hall and climb through the air vent to get to the other side of the hall.

Head up the stairs to find Alan to cue the cinematic.

Once the flashback ends continue through the upper deck and find the captain’s cabin. Get the lug wrench and use it to open the compartment in the floor. Continue to travel down to the first floor on 1F by crawling through the elevator shafts.

Head to 2F and and use the lock solvent on the door down the hall from the maintenance room where the save location is. Inside you’ll find the captain’s cabin key.

Resident Evil 7 - Creepy Little Girl

Head through the hall and enter the mess hall. There’s a picture puzzle you’ll need to solve to get the items inside the safe. Simply align the pictures on the wall the same as they are on the opposite side.

Head into the elevator shaft and climb up the ladder to the 3F. You can head to the control room and get
coupling fuse device. Proceed up to 4F. Use the key on the weapons locker to gain access to the P19 sub machine gun.

Use the security camera to find Ethan – he’s on the bottom floor on S2. Head down to 1F and use the solvent on the door to gain access to the backpack so you can carry more items, as well as a knife.

Head into the elevator on 1F and use the general purpose fuse to start the elevator and head down to S2.

Follow the pathway to Ethan to cue the cinematic where Jack Baker explains he and his family had no control over themselves and that Ethan must stop Eveline.

When you get back control of Ethan, head to the mines to stop Lucas and Eveline.


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