Russian Car Driver Launches For Under $1 On Steam

Ever wanted to experience life on the road as a Russian car driver? Well, now you can with the new game Russian Car Driver from developer Falcoware and publisher Atriagames.

They recently launched the speedy racing game onto Steam, where players take control of a legendary VAZ 2108 and blast through the winding corners of the valleys, the tight lanes of the countryside and the bumpy roads of the hilly outback. Russian Car Driver is a cheap, small game designed for people with low-end PCs looking for something they can pick up, download, play and enjoy for under a $1.00.

You can check out the trailer below to see what the racing and driving mechanics are like.

Russian Car Driver is a strange little game. The physics actually aren’t that bad. I was expecting something sloppier and more unpolished, but the game seems to behave similar to old racing titles on the PSX. Of course, if you’re expecting more than stock handling from a stiff, old, PSX racer, look elsewhere.

Players will perform in point-to-point races against AI opponents, or battle through rally races against the weather in off-road courses.

The game has some positive reviews mixed in with some very negative reviews. Most of the negative reviews point out how terrible the game is for having shallow content and playing like a mobile game. Well, in reality it is a mobile game… a port of an Android title, only without the microtransactions. You can buy the game for only $0.99 or get it during the first week of being available on Steam for only $0.69. Just keep in mind that this is the sort of game that lives up to being worth $0.69.

If you’re interested in playing an old, simple, fast-paced racer, you can check out Russian Car Driver on the Steam store right now.


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