Skyrim Redux Mod Adds Forsworn Armor Replacer

The latest mod to hit Skyrim comes in as an armor replacer for a certain Forsworn set. The mod aims to change up the regular variant and supply an alternate version with a better looking mesh and textures. Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and is also slated for the Nintendo Switch.

A mod that is in demand as of this moment comes in by modder Kredans. The new mod aims to replace a particular set of armor and make it look much better compared to its older variant. Of course, the mod enhances textures and meshes and stands to blend in with Skyrim‘s “harsh environment.”

Furthermore the mod will not add any type of statistical advantages when in use. This means that Forsworn Armor Replacer is purely cosmetic and only works to improve the visual aspects of the armor set.

Something that’s worth noting is that once downloaded the mod will not replace the Briarheart set, but only the Forsworn armor and will keep all stats and protection the same.

A video showing the Forsworn armor can be seen below, which comes in by the modder Kredans.

Something that most people don’t like about the mod is the headgear. At the moment the modder will make it where players can mix and match the older headgear so that it blends better.

“The main complaint has been about headgear, so I might release a new version for it some time. In the meantime I’m about to upload a leveled list option so you can mix it with the old one if you like for the time being”.

If you are looking to get the 4K textured, better looking version of the vanilla armor, namely Forsworn Armor Redux, you can get it now over on NexusMods.


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