Sniper Elite 4 Trailer Covers Co-op, Multiplayer, Weapon Customization
Sniper Elite 4

Rebellion released a new “101” trailer for the upcoming Sniper Elite 4, which is due to drop on February 14th. The game will be made available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

The trailer is six minutes long, featuring a look at the basics of the gameplay, including the sniping, environmental interactions, melee takedowns and stealth. You can check out the trailer below.

Unlike a lot of games out there that limit the campaign to single-player for “immersion” purposes, Rebellion decided to throw in co-op just to mix things up a bit.

You can play through the entire campaign from start to finish with a good buddy, creating a lot more opportunities for replayability compared to other single-player shooters.

The trailer also reveals that Sniper Elite 4 will play host to the largest Sniper Elite maps featured in the series thus far. Players will venture through the romantic streets of the architecturally diverse Italy, sneak through the German camps located deep in the forests, and scour through the mountainsides looking for vantage points form high above.

The environments are pretty large, showcasing all the different ways to take down enemies around the environment. Similar to the likes of the Hitman games, you can also use the environment to get the drop on baddies, creating diversions or utilizing traps to take out guards, patrols or enemy armament.

Bullet drop, wind changes and gravity all play a role in nabbing the perfect headshot. You will have to adjust your scope to compensate for long range shots, although it doesn’t appear to be quite as detailed as Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, another upcoming first-person shooter from CI Games.

They also showcase some of the traps players can use, such as mines and tripwire explosives.

Much like the previous Sniper Elite games, there’s a wide variety of weapons with customization, each one centered around the real life counterpart from World War II, all at your disposal.

The multiplayer mode is also returning for competitive play, with four on four matches available for those who prefer PvP, or four-player cooperative modes where players will attempt to take on waves of enemy forces in a progressively challenging horde mode.


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