Steam Will Add Xbox One Controller Support Into Every Game

Want to play that RTS game built for a keyboard and mouse with your favorite Xbox One controller? Well, soon you can. Want to play that super-sexy visual novel with the bouncing boobs and those bisexual naked cat-girls with an Xbox One controller in one hand and a joystick in the other? Well, soon you can. Do you want to browse through your Steam library using an Xbox One controller, complaining about all the indie trash you bought and have no intentions of ever playing? Well, soon… you can.

According to the Escapist Magazine Valve is currently testing an upcoming update patch for the Steam client that will enable users to play any of their games with an Xbox One controller.

The news was made via a post on January 5th, 2017 on the Steam Community thread, where they announced…

“Added XBox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input controller configurator support. This allows all recognized controller types to use the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configurator. Note that because X-Input currently lacks per-controller means of unique identification, all controllers of that type will share personalization and configuration settings. As they share the same inputs, Xbox 360/One/Generic controllers will all see each-others configurations when browsing. Automatic conversion will be attempted when loading configurations from other controller types.”

They also enabled gamers to be able to switch the assignments of X-input controllers when multiple pads are hooked up, so you can essentially have a DualShock 4, Xbox One Elite Controller and Steam Controller hooked up to your rig and you can play the game with each controller properly assigned to correct player. Some of you may remember that previously Steam had some trouble with player designations when mixing and matching controllers for players between the Xbox 360, Xbox One and the Steam Controllers.

As noted by the Escapist Magazine, players will be able to map out and customize the Xbox One and PS4 controllers through the in-game menu hub, just like with the Steam Controller. This is a huge bit of news, as players will now be able to pick and choose what sort of controller setup they prefer, as opposed to being locked into using whatever control scheme is designated by the game.

The feature is available right now if you opt-in for the Steam beta client, which went live on January 5th.


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