Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode In The Works Via Modder

An Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V is currently in the works by modder and game designer Resvrgam. He decided to build one from scratch since there is no Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V at all and the game didn’t launch with one. His version is currently on 0.1b, and suffers from some bugs, but he may release the mod at a later date once he works out the kinks.

He’s ultimately hoping that instead of getting hit with a cease and desist that Capcom will instead see that there’s a market for a robust and properly made Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V and will implement one. He states in the YouTube video description…

“The game sold for $60 USD at launch without it and, as of this video, there is still no officially supported Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V (that awful Story Mode doesn’t count)..


“With that said, I started this project because I had some free time on my holiday break and thought I’d have a go at a game that’s been collecting dust on my hard drive.


“This mod is a combination of scripting sequences of CPU opponents in Versus Mode and adding in some new UI elements to accommodate the Arcade Mode’s dependencies (a Continue Screen, etc.). I got the idea while messing around in Versus Mode while growing impatient with the online matchmaking.”

No arguments from me about the Story Mode being awful. It’s mostly awful because it’s so short. You get a couple of fights and then that’s it. It’s embarrassing. The campaign Story featuring all of the characters is pretty good, but maybe not everyone is in the mood to play through a several hour long mode. Some people just want to beat people up and rack up some wins. Well, Resvrgam uploaded an hour long video showcasing the long-play of his makeshift Arcade Mode in action for Street Fighter V. You can check it out below.

The new Arcade Mode is located within the Story sub-menu, where it’s listed below the Character Story.

The Arcade Mode has several different difficulty settings that you can choose from before being able to select your character.

After winning two rounds the player is then shown the next fighter they’ll face off against as it cycles through the roster. It reminds me a lot of MUGEN and I’m almost tempted to reinstall it.

Even still, as a makeshift mod it’s a heck of a lot better than what Capcom shipped.

You can’t download the mod right now, but I’m sure if there’s enough demand Resvrgam will release a version of it to the public. Maybe before Capcom brings down the lawyers on him as hard as the shareholders came down on Capcom after they revealed the abysmal sales for Street Fighter V.

But not to leave you on a sour note. There’s also a new mod from Brutal Ace for Laura. He’s updated her boob physics so that they’re closer in density, bounce, reaction and jiggle to the likes of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. He released a new video where you can see the update in action.

Brutal Ace explains in the YouTube description what he’s modified, stating…

“Overhauled physics mod for her C1 and C2, including new physics for her C3 and a glitch fix removing weird triangles on her breast in C3.”

Good man… good man. He also makes it where any slight touch from her hands to her boobs will cause them to bounce and jiggle. This works for all of her costumes.

You can download the new version 2 of Laura’s boob physics by visiting the Brutal Ace DeviantArt page. Alternatively, you can contribute to this man’s important mission in life to improve the quality of Street Fighter games to levels unbeknownst to mere normies by giving a dime, a dollar, or two, to his Patreon account.


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