Street Fighter 5 Christmas Chun-Li, Cammy Mods Leave Nothing To The Imagination
Street Fighter 5 Christmas Chun-Li

Modders have recently made some bonus Christmas outfits for Juri and Laura in Street Fighter V. Those outfits have recently been followed up with additional clothing items (or the lack thereof) for Chun-Li and Cammy as well.

Modder TerryXX posted up the two new mod paks to his Patreon account. The Christmas Cammy mod is only 6MB and you can grab the rar file from the Patreon download page. It’s free by the way.

Chun-Li’s Christmas pak is also available in two different flavors with the second version being a color variant of the first. You can grab both of the Christmas Chun-Li mod paks for Street Fighter V, for free, from over on the Patreon download page.

You can grab a quick look at the NSFW Chun-Li outfit below.

Street Fighter 5 Chun Li Cammy Christmas Mod

Both outfits are barely-there modifications that pretty much leave them completely exposed. In the case of Chun-Li she’s wearing Christmas-themed pasties, red high-heels, candy cane stockings, red nylon gloveless sleeves, her trademark spiked wrist cuffs, heart-shaped thong panties and red ribbons in her hair.

Cammy is sporting even less than her femme fatale counterpart. The military fighter is wearing literally nothing but tied ribbons around her legs and arms. She has additional bows tied between her neck and crotch with dangling ties hanging off her neck that barely cover her boobs.

Quite naturally some gamers may want to see these outfits in action before committing to a download. You know… for research purposes. Luckily, YouTuber BlitzMightyN7 has two videos featuring the fighters in their story mode cinematic sequences sporting the visibly sparse clothing mods. You can check out the NSFW videos below.

Well even if it’s cold during Christmas I’m sure a lot of gamer’s have hot seats right now.

The mods have received a lot of positive feedback, opposite of the “realistic” SJW-friendly Laura mod that came out for Street Fighter V recently. It’s kind of telling how the community reacts to these kind of mods and how many people actually want to download them.

Nevertheless, you can grab a hold of TerryXX’s mods for Chun-Li and Cammy right now, for free, if you have a copy of Street Fighter V on PC. Sorry PS4 gamers, you’re fresh out of luck for these NSFW lewd mods.


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