Street Fighter 5 Cyber Cat Cammy Mod Goes For A High-Tech Motif
Street Fighter 5 - Cyber Cat Cammy

There are a ton of mods for Cammy from Street Fighter V. Many of them are sexy-time mods and there are also a few bizarre muscle fetish mods out there as well. However, in one case there’s a pretty cool high-tech Cyber Cat Cammy mod that’s recently been making the rounds from modder TheJamk.

The outfit puts Cammy in a Tekkaman-style outfit where she’s decked out from head to toe in a stylishly robotic looking outfit. The helmet and gear seems to borrow heavily from the line of robotic mobile combat suits featured in various Tatsunoko productions.

The suit fits in almost perfectly with Cammy’s fighting style. Her high-flying hijinks and vertical moveset are accentuated by the high-tech look and theme of the suit itself. TheJamk posted up a video of the suit in action so you can see the Cyber Cat Cammy duking it out at the Shadaloo base.

The outfit is available for download and it’s already gaining quite the following due to its unique design. You can grab the Cyber Cat Cammy outfit for Street Fighter V from over on TheJamk’s Patreon page. The mod is free.

TheJamk also released a skin for Balrog based on Max, the black guy who gets punched in the face at the beginning of Street Fighter II.

MAX (SFV) by THEJAMK on DeviantArt

The mod sees Balrog in glasses, made bald and wearing tape around his fists with a t-shirt, gold chain and blue jeans on.

If you want to get your hands on the Max mod for Balrog you can download it from over on the Patreon page.

A lot of these mods will probably feel a whole lot more pertinent once the Arcade Mode mod is finished. A lot of fans are actually excited about that partial conversion for Street Fighter V.


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