Street Fighter 5 Mod Gives Juri’s Boobs A Massive Overhaul
Street Fighter 5 Juri Mod

Many of the mods for Street Fighter V usually center around fixing certain aspects of the game that were either removed or censored by Capcom, while other mods attempt to… enhance the quality of certain assets. In this case, there’s a new mod that gives Juri’s T&A a massive overhaul.

Modder BrutalAce released the new mod featuring a much larger butt and much larger boobs for Juri. He also modified the jiggle physics to be as accurate as possible for the footsie fighter. You can check out the video below from BlitzMightyN7 to see mod in action in the story mode within Street Fighter V.

The mod sees Juri rocking a much larger bottom and much larger chest. The collision detection and physics have been modified to accommodate Juri’s far more ample assets to compensate for clipping.

The physics are actually pretty much on point and aren’t too much or too stiff; it’s just the right amount of bounce and sway. And for everyone who complained about Juri’s cleavage…. well, it’s very much on display in the mod.

Street Fighter 5 - Juri Boob Enhancement

The nose bleed-worthy modification for Street Fighter V is currently available for download right now. You can grab the 114MB mod from over on Google Drive.

Some gamers have been asking about whether or not this mod can work with the thong mod for Juri, but it hasn’t been tested yet. Certain mods aren’t always compatible with other mods already out there, so it will require some trial and error. If this could be combined with her Christmas outfit then eyeballs and noses would just explode with fluids from the orifices… and they just wouldn’t be the only ones.

Street Fighter V is available right now on PC and PS4. The game will make a return to EVO this year at the big showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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