Street Fighter 5 Mod Makes Laura SJW-Friendly
Street Fighter 5 SJW Mod

A lot of times we showcase mods on here for various games that usually counteract SJW propaganda: if a game gets censored from top to bottom, modders make it their duty to make it uncensored. If a game has characters covered from head to toe in order to be Islam-approved, modders go out of their way to make those characters more liberated. However, some modders go in the complete opposite direction, like with an SJW-friendly mod for Laura from Street Fighter V.

Instead of giving the Brazilian beauty improved boob physics, they reduced her boobs to the point that she’s practically flat-chested, meaning no more boob physics. They also shrunk her feet and flattened her butt.

According to modder wajdyf, he wanted something more “realistic”, and therefore he made the changes to Laura.

A video of the mod was posted up over on YouTube by BlitzMightyN7, giving you a look at the sex-less appeal of the new Laura mod.

It’s safe to say that the community wasn’t entirely happy about the changes.

There were various remarks and comments made by some gamers saying that shrinking Laura’s feminine assets did not make the mod more “realistic”. In fact, they took offense at the remark from the modder in the description of the mod, where he claimed that by shrinking her curves he made her more “realistic”.

One commenter pointed out that her smaller frame actually made her less realistic by standards held by some Brazilians. In reality, he isn’t far off with that remark. Take for instance the Novas Panicats – they’re pretty much like real life versions of Laura. You can check out an image below, courtesy Ofuxico.

Other Brazilians such as Sabrina Boing Boing (take a guess why they call her that), Valesca Popozuda, Dani Sperle, Sabrina Sato or any of the dancers from the Carnivale make Laura look tame by comparison. Heck, The Sun has a NSFW gallery of the Miss Bum Bum contest, and once again they make the vanilla Laura look pencil when measured up against the championship-worthy curves on some of those girls.

Of course, some people just might want a more conservative version of the female cast in Street Fighter V, so the mod makes Laura less triggering for those individuals. The mod certainly hasn’t received quite the same kind of positive feedback as the more risque mods, including the very popular R. Mika Christmas thong bikini mod, or Juri’s low-rise Christmas bikini mod. Those two mods really set the Street Fighter V community on fire.

Even still, if you’re a gamer and you wanted Laura dressed down for the occasions of trading fisticuffs with other fictional characters, you can get the SJW-friendly version of Laura for Street Fighter V by downloading the mod pack via the Media Fire files on the DeviantArt page.


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