Street Fighter 5 Mods Give Juri, R. Mika Sexy Christmas Outfits
Street Fighter 5 R. Mika Christmas Mod

A last minute holiday mod for Rainbow Mika recently was let out into the wild by a dedicated modder who made the premium outfit available for Street Fighter V on PC. The outfit sees R. Mika in nothing but pasties up top and a tiny little thong bikini down below.

The mod is obviously not safe for work, given that R. Mika’s physics have been greatly… improved. Every time shows moves or turns or does anything there’s a lot of wobble action going on. You can see what the mod looks like with the story mode video demonstration below from modder BlitzMightyN7.

In addition to the barely-there torso coverings, Mika also sports a red mask, a Santa hat and red lace-up boots that go up to her thighs. She’s also sporting Christmas-themed latex gloves pulled up to her biceps.

The outfit really does accentuate R. Mika’s already exaggerated proportions, giving her more wobble, bounce and heft than what Capcom had already given her. Heck, even Balrog was captivated by the outfit.

Street Fighter 5 - R Mika Christmas Bikini

I wonder if Capcom knew that Balrog’s eyes wander from his target down to Mika’s boobs? It’s pretty hard to miss.

Anyway, there’s also been some minor improvements to Mika’s jiggle physics, with more thigh, buttocks and boob movement than what’s originally in the vanilla version of Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 5 - R Mika Christmas Bikini

You can download the R. Mika sexy Christmas outfit right now by visiting TerryXX’s Patreon post. There’s already requests for a Chun-Li version of the outfit.

Additionally, TerryXX also released a version of the mod for Juri Han. It’s not quite as… bombastic as R. Mika’s outfit but you can see what it looks like with the NSFW video below.

While Juri’s upper torso is more covered, her lower torso almost leaves nothing to the imagination. Cheek cleavage is an understatement here.

If you like what TerryXX has done with the mod, you can download it right now for free from the Patreon download page.


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