Street Fighter 5 Mods Add Chun-Li’s Alpha 3 Outfit, R. Mika’s Updated Butt Slap
Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li Alpha V3

One of the more popular mods recently making the rounds that isn’t the NSFW Christmas collection mod pack for Street Fighter V, is Dusdeus‘ Chun Li Alpha V3+ mod.

The new mod sees Chun-Li in her full blue Street Fighter Alpha bodysuit. The spandex workout outfit was a classic look for young Chun-Li in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Dusdeus modled it in from the ground up, featuring the fiesty foot fighter in both the cropped jacket and non-jacket version where she’s wearing sandels. The mod also sports updated physics.

You can see a demonstration of the two outfits courtesy of SaturnFrost, who offers a three minute look at the mod in action.

The one with the cropped top actually looks pretty good. The upper torso area still looks like it might need a bit of work with smoothing out the textures to make the parallax of the straps look more protuberant. But it’s a solid effort no doubt. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t even assume that it’s an actual mod. You could just as well mistaken it for an official DLC costume from Capcom.

If you want to deck out Chun-Li in the Alpha CoolDown mod you can download version 3 right now from over on the DeviantArt Page. The file is a 145MB RAR file located on the right side of the screen next to the image on DeviantArt.

But wait, there’s more!

Dusdeus also put together a mod featuring an update on R. Mika’s butt-slap and the original Critical Arts finisher where her opponents are doing the splits. It’s still a work in progress but he’s aiming to restore the original Critical Arts finish where R. Mika and Nadeshiko split their opponents legs open during the finale.

Street Fighter 5 - R. Mika Critical Art

However, he did run into a bit of a problem with getting Nadeshiko to properly hold the legs of her opponent while they do the splits. Unfortunately the original mod author who fixed the Critical Art during the beta phase didn’t share the animation set that Capcom later removed in the retail version, and so that file is kind of lost to time. It may require a manual animation set to replace it and fix it. So Dusdeus is looking for someone who has knowledge with animating and recompiling .uasset filts.

Nevertheless, you can grab version 2.0 of the R. Mika butt-slap and Critical Art split fix from the DeviantArt page. The RAR is only 2.4MB and is located right next to the image on the page.


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