Street Fighter 5 Wonder Woman Mod Looks Better Than Injustice 2’s Wonder Woman
Street Fighter 5 Wonder Woman
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2017)

So here’s some diversity for you: what if Wonder Woman was Chinese? Well, that wasn’t just a question for modders, it was a reality. They managed to convert Capcom’s iconic kicker into comic book’s iconic Thermopylae warrior.

The reality is that Chun-Li actually looks more like Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot. Modder BrutalAce put the mod together and made it available to download over on the DeviantArt page. He had to do some reworking for season 2 compatibility. BrutalAce mentioned that he’s made a number of updates to work with this Street Fighter V mod….

“Been working on this one from quite sometime, it wasn’t looking that good in start so I improved a lot of things including textures, model itself, brought a new hairstyle and went a bit ambitious with physics, it looks pretty nice now. Hope you like it.”

He added a new hair-style for Chun-Li, decked her out in the tiara, and gave her the traditional Wonder Woman leotard with the red bodysuit and golden bustier with the blue trunks and red boots. YouTuber BlitzMightyN7 put together a video showcase of the mod in action that you can check out below.

Chun-Li sure is thick. You really get an appreciation of that thickness with the Wonder Woman mod.

Feminists are always attacking games and fictional female characters for being thin with big boobs, but Chun-Li is thick with big boobs. Unfortunately, BrutalAce had to tone down her boob physics to coincide with the the breastplate, otherwise it would have looked odd having the golden eagle wings wibbling and wobbling all over the place.

Street Fighter 5 - Wonder Woman

The motif is based on the Linda Carter era of Wonder Woman, where the raven-haired beauty took the popular comic book character mainstream.

There’s some minor clipping issues with the hair but otherwise it actually looks pretty good. In fact, I would say that the Wonder Woman mod for Street Fighter V actually does a better job of capturing the features and characteristics of the iconic heroine better than NetherRealm did with Injustice 2. Just compare the two them in the screenshots below.

Street Fighter 5 - Chun-Li Wonder Woman

BrutalAce made sure there was a strong contrast in the colors to make sure they popped in the lighting. Obviously the mesh detail in Wonder Woman’s armor in Injustice 2 shows more detail and articulation, but Chun-Li as Wonder Woman has this bright hopeful aesthetic to her that really stands out.

BrutalAce also ensured that in his mod Wonder Woman maintained a strong sense of femininity about her, avoiding the common trap of trying to add masculine features to female characters in order to make them look more “tough”.

Maybe NetherRealm should take some tips from BrutalAce when it comes to making female characters?

You can download the Wonder Woman mod for Street Fighter V right now. Unfortunately if you aren’t gaming on PC you won’t have access to the mod, so PS4 gamers are out of luck.

Injustice 2 is due for release later this spring for PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • NetherRealm Studios has always sucked at producing sexy/cute attractive female characters for the most part.

    After Ed Boon bent over for Anita Sarkeesian and her mob a few years ago, they’ve got every reason to NOT make female characters attractive now.

    Cannot have those straight male gamers enjoying it you know.

  • EroBotan

    pretty chinese girl wearing western clothing? that’s cultural approriation :3 (or something like that … as someone whose 1st language is not english i really have a hard time trying to keep up with all “the cool” words that these SJWs made up)

    • as someone whose 1st language is not english i really have a hard time
      trying to keep up with all “the cool” words that these SJWs made up)

      Don’t worry. My first language is English and even I have a hard time trying to keep up with all the nonsense words SJWs make up.

      • EroBotan

        yeah, it’s like when there is a new problem their solution is to make a new “cool words” for it XD

  • Disqusted

    That does look a lot better. The Injustice 2 one looks barely recognizable as Wonder Woman. Especially if you took away the red and blue. Though maybe that applies to the mod one as well?

    Not counting anime stuff, Asian females are probably one of the rarest protagonists in gaming. Not complaining for diversity sake, of course. Just would personally like to see more of them. And I mean ones that look attractive by Asian standards.