Summer Lesson English PSVR Trailer Reveals Free Second Contact DLC
Summer Lesson Second Contact

The PlayStation VR has been made available in limited supply due to limited demand. However, one game has managed to pique a lot of heart-throbbing, heavy breathing, palpitations and pre-orders within the very fiber of the souls of young men, and that game is Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson.

The newest trailer for Summer Lesson focuses on the “Second Contact” with Hikari Miyamoto. It features additional interactions with Hikari, such as applying ointment to her body where she received a mosquito bite, or feeding each other virtual reality cake… sometimes resulting in Hikari making noises you wouldn’t want your mother to hear coming from your room. Alternatively, you probably wouldn’t want your wife hearing those noises either… but if you keep the volume down low it’ll be our little secret.

You can check out the trailer for Summer Lesson and the free DLC called “Second Contact” below.

The trailer promotes Second Contact as having additional interactions and outfits that you can put on Hikari, including six different dresses and camisoles that they’ve added in the update.

The expansion will be available for the original game. Bandai Namco has plans on releasing Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room for the PlayStation VR at some point in early 2017. You’ll need the base game in order to access Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Second Feel.

I imagine the English version won’t keep the “Second Feel” part because there’s a lot of people who will probably get the wrong impression. However, the “Second Feel/Contact” DLC will actually be made freely available for PS4 gamers.

Both the base game and the DLC will be available exclusively through the PlayStation Store as digital downloads. This is why you can’t import the English version as a physical copy from most e-tailer outlets like Play-Asia.

Some female gamers and the PS4 Reddit community were a bit reserved about this title due to its aim for the lonely young males looking to work on their social skills. There were debates about its similarity to Gatebox, and on the Gatebox video there were debates about it driving a wedge even further between men and women in Japan. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the trailer below.

The comment section in the video broke out into an argument about how the VR waifus are going to replace real women in Japan (and soon outside of Japan).

The toxic nature of the gender divide brought on by feminists and SJWs makes it really difficult for certain men to see the benefit of pursuing relationships. The ad above seems to specifically target lonely dudes who don’t want to deal with anymore stress than what they have to deal with at work.

These growing software alternatives to real human interaction is something that certain people fear, but it’s the reality that the third-wave feminists, Tumblrites and SJWs wanted. And speaking of SJWs… producer Katsuhiro Harada had mentioned that they wouldn’t be releasing a physical copy of Summer Lesson in the West due to SJWs; he didn’t want to have deal with their nonsense.

Summer Lesson and its accompanying DLC are both due for release in early 2017 exclusively for the PSVR.


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