Summer Lesson English PSVR Trailer Reveals Free Second Contact DLC
Summer Lesson Second Contact
(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

The PlayStation VR has been made available in limited supply due to limited demand. However, one game has managed to pique a lot of heart-throbbing, heavy breathing, palpitations and pre-orders within the very fiber of the souls of young men, and that game is Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson.

The newest trailer for Summer Lesson focuses on the “Second Contact” with Hikari Miyamoto. It features additional interactions with Hikari, such as applying ointment to her body where she received a mosquito bite, or feeding each other virtual reality cake… sometimes resulting in Hikari making noises you wouldn’t want your mother to hear coming from your room. Alternatively, you probably wouldn’t want your wife hearing those noises either… but if you keep the volume down low it’ll be our little secret.

You can check out the trailer for Summer Lesson and the free DLC called “Second Contact” below.

The trailer promotes Second Contact as having additional interactions and outfits that you can put on Hikari, including six different dresses and camisoles that they’ve added in the update.

The expansion will be available for the original game. Bandai Namco has plans on releasing Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room for the PlayStation VR at some point in early 2017. You’ll need the base game in order to access Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Second Feel.

I imagine the English version won’t keep the “Second Feel” part because there’s a lot of people who will probably get the wrong impression. However, the “Second Feel/Contact” DLC will actually be made freely available for PS4 gamers.

Both the base game and the DLC will be available exclusively through the PlayStation Store as digital downloads. This is why you can’t import the English version as a physical copy from most e-tailer outlets like Play-Asia.

Some female gamers and the PS4 Reddit community were a bit reserved about this title due to its aim for the lonely young males looking to work on their social skills. There were debates about its similarity to Gatebox, and on the Gatebox video there were debates about it driving a wedge even further between men and women in Japan. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the trailer below.

The comment section in the video broke out into an argument about how the VR waifus are going to replace real women in Japan (and soon outside of Japan).

The toxic nature of the gender divide brought on by feminists and SJWs makes it really difficult for certain men to see the benefit of pursuing relationships. The ad above seems to specifically target lonely dudes who don’t want to deal with anymore stress than what they have to deal with at work.

These growing software alternatives to real human interaction is something that certain people fear, but it’s the reality that the third-wave feminists, Tumblrites and SJWs wanted. And speaking of SJWs… producer Katsuhiro Harada had mentioned that they wouldn’t be releasing a physical copy of Summer Lesson in the West due to SJWs; he didn’t want to have deal with their nonsense.

Summer Lesson and its accompanying DLC are both due for release in early 2017 exclusively for the PSVR.

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  • Disqusted

    I haven’t looked into this game (it doesn’t look very interesting to me), but I’m still curious as to the role of the blonde girl from the original trailer. Does she even show up in the actual game?

  • LurkerJK

    driving a wedge even further between men and women in Japan

    Best way to make money is filling a void in the market, men looking for a simple, low trouble relationship, just someone to welcome them home and have meaningless conversations with, but they are not finding them

    Women could easily fill that market by not being toxic, you only need to act like a simple, sensible, fair, agreeable and likeable person, instead they are getting replaced by micro-controllers playing audio samples and sending text messages… progress!

    And when i say that i dont only mean how women actually behave, but specially how they sell themselves, the women i see on tv, media, etc, I would run away from them screaming. Ive grown my entire life hearing about how its impossible to understand them, how they get mad at everything, that you better watch those hormone levels before you look in their direction

    First bad interaction they have with one and they just go “I’m happy right now, i can get my needs covered by gadgets AND have more money for my hobbies AND more time for my hobbies… why would i give that up for the hell on earth everyone is telling me they are ? fuck that”

    • Sexbots will be Japan’s final nail in the coffin. Their birth rate will never recover.

      • LurkerJK

        sexbot with artificial wombs ?, just buy the frozen egg at the supermarket, bam instant kid… or there is also that technology to make eggs from regular cells of the body (including men’s) you just need a 100% no homo bro to donate

      • Disqusted

        I heard one of the main reasons Japan’s birthrate is declining is because it just costs way too much to raise a kid, and most people can’t afford it. Girls aim for a nice handsome young guy who can afford to raise a family, but the average guy doesn’t get enough money to do that until he’s an old man, in which case he automatically becomes a creepy pervert pedophile. Great, huh.

        I’m sure there are also plenty of people whose expectations and ideals are way too high because fictional people don’t have to be assholes. I’ve seen/met some Japanese girls who say they are really bad at dealing with guys to the point of avoiding them as much as they can in reality, “they’re scary, I don’t understand them, etc”, and some guys and girls say “I only like 2d, not 3d”.

        One of the Japanese female artists whose livestream I watch once said she doesn’t want to get a boyfriend/get married because then she won’t have time to work on her art anymore.

        • LOL @ that image.

          Yeah the West is the same as the East. People… eh?

          Middle-class have to work their butts off day and night just to survive. Lower class can’t stop working (this applies to Japan, America, U.K., etc.,)

          The comment about young Japanese girls wanting handsome young dudes who can afford to raise a family is no different than in the U.S. It’s just not a reality anymore; we’re not living in 1950s America where that’s fiscally possible.

          Ultimately, the harsh economic times coupled with this BS third-wave feminism and SJWs has created a climate where people just don’t want to get together, and I can’t really blame them.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I and several people I know would like to have a kid some day, but at the same time, we’d feel bad about bringing a child into a world like this. To be honest, I also worry that my child would get brainwashed by all the bullshit and turn against me, or worse.

            I sometimes think back to when I was at school, and they taught us about how we used to have caste systems which are unfair, and so forth. As if we don’t have similar issues right now. It’s essentially the same thing, just packaged differently, so that most people don’t realize they’re still basically slaves.

            Between you and me (don’t suicide me!) I suspect that certain powerful people are actively trying to reduce or suppress population growth. If you consider that to be true/possible, then I think a lot of stuff makes sense.

            What better way to stop people from breeding than sowing hate and distrust between men and women, creating financial situations where raising a family is near-impossible, pushing unrealistic ideals and expectations, forcefully injecting people with stuff that makes childbirth unlikely/impossible, making marriage utterly toxic to men, making things so much better for women that so many men want a sex change, etc?

            The people who are able to create such situations are also the most likely to have children and keep them safe, regardless of current circumstances.

            As to why they’re doing it, I don’t know exactly. Could be because they’re megalomaniacs, or because they don’t have a better hobby. Maybe they fear food shortages (look at the food quality difference between rich and poor), or perhaps they are trying to ensure their genes have a higher chance of being passed on. Or they’re just doing it because they can, and nobody is able to tell them otherwise.

          • Not unlikely at all.

            Also notice how in the media there’s this barrage of promotion and propaganda to separate men and women, yet an equal amount of propaganda for homosexuality. I’ve always been of the mind that whatever people do between the sheets should stay there. Yet for some reason it’s broadcast EVERYWHERE (in the West… in certain countries… mostly U.S.)

            We don’t even get men and women being happily together anymore in media the way we get gays being happy together in the media. A lot of commercials focus on single mothers (which is a sad reality), a lot of media focuses on dudes being undatable douche bags, a lot of movies center on wedging the genders over stupid issues (they even managed to infect Terminator Genesys with that nonsense, where Reese is constantly trying to help Sarah and she’s literally being a third-wave feminist about the whole thing. Ridiculous).

            When you combine the media’s push to separate the genders, the media’s push to overtly promote homosexuality (especially considering they make up for less than 1% of the population) and the whole third-wave feminist attack on straight dudes, pretty much making college dating, married life and healthy relationships seem like a rare and untenable thing, I actually don’t doubt that there’s an attempt to subliminally implement population control in certain regions.

            For what purpose? The only productive reasons I can come up with are too outlandish and not worth mentioning.

          • Gozu Tennoh

            Look up a man called george soros, though I’m sure you’re already aware of him.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah. Awareness of his existence has exploded in recent times. But I was also thinking about Gates Foundation repeatedly sterilizing people, etc. Those people are probably all best buddies, anyway.


    This is the reality that Feminism wanted, and NOW they’re upset about it? Good fucking God, people, this is what happens when you label all men as rapists and pedophiles. This is what happens when you laugh at men that have been forcibly raped. This is what happens when you laugh at male suicide.

    • LurkerJK

      I don’t think they ever reflected about how replaceable they are, their narcissism wouldn’t let them

      They thought the bashed down men would come crawling back, begging to be given a chance

      It’s funny, i’ve been seeing this exact concept of technology replacing partners in anime since i can remember and every time i thought “i can see that happening”, well here it is

      • Well there’s a number of factors that play into that:
        Society demands more work for a higher cost of living. They’ve made it where if you, as a man, screw up even a little bit your whole life is toast. Get divorced? You’re screwed. Have kids? You’re screwed. Had a bad night of sex with your girl and she runs to the cops and said you raped her? You’re screwed.

        With this renewed vigor from third-wave feminists to attack men at every angle, go after their movies, games, shows, anime and comics, and then say that everything a man does is “literally rape”, most dudes who can’t find a non-crazy chick will just settle for Gatebox and VR.

        Heck, those boys at the University of Virginia literally did nothing and still got accused of rape. With Gatebox the worst thing that could happen is the darn thing could run up your electric bill by turning the lights on too early.

        • B-B-But feminism is about equality you know.

        • Disqusted

          Exactly. It’s just not worth dealing with all the bullshit.

          I don’t think I know anyone who has hooked up with a girl who isn’t crazy, unstable or both. The nice ones (if there are any) are probably all taken, or devoted themselves to some asshole who treats them like shit.

          • I recently watched a video of a study showing that only men end up paying lots of taxes during their lives, whereas Western women actually end up using more than they pay. Doesn’t surprise me at all. How about that male privilege, huh?

            I think Milo Yiannopoulos brought that issue up in some of his Univerisity/College tour speeches.

            That guy is seriously a god-send.

            Isn’t it funny though that it’s taken a half-Jewish, flamboyant and cross-dressing gay conservative from England to finally stand and speak up for Western men against feminism?

          • Disqusted

            It’s more sad than funny that you need to be born a very specific body and have very specific interests for most people to even listen to what you have to say.

    • Disqusted

      More like, they are actively searching for anything and everything to use as fuel to play the victim and get more free stuff without any responsibility or accountability.

  • Ghost

    That Gatebox girl would make an excellant replacement for the little english boy named Milo that I never got.

  • A bit off-topic but…

    Depends on what the law courts are like in Japan. If it’s ridiculously biased against men like it is in the West, then I don’t blame the men for avoiding women over there. (yeah this ironic of me to say that because I’m actually engaged in real life, lmao)

    Not only that, but what are Japanese women like in general? If they’re just as self-righteous, spoilt and have impossible demands like Western women then that’s another reason for Japanese men to avoid them.

    And of course, if they peddle the same SJW feminist garbage then that’s an absolute sure-fire reason to avoid them.

    • Sounds like it’s a system stacked against the men over there. I have no idea how true it is, but I frequently see people commenting about how there’s no benefit to being married in Japan. That getting divorced is even worse and that as a man you’re essentially treated like a walking ATM.

      I have no idea how true any of that is, but I see and hear that exact series of lines over and over again.

      Of course, you would likely have to get a perspective from the young men over there, but the suicide rates, high percentage of single men who aren’t in relationships or married, and high death tolls from men who overwork themselves to death seems to fit in line with those comments.

      I don’t think feminism has made gender relations cancerous in Japan (yet) but I do think their socioeconomic structure has impeded their actual social structure so much so that it makes it difficult to develop actual relationships over there.

      • If it is a system that is stacked against men in Japan, then they need to speak up about it.

        Just staying in their houses/apartments/bedrooms fapping off to anime girls and porn alone is the worst thing they can do.

        If they stay silent about it, I can see their government coming up with ways to stop it. And it won’t be something that treats men fairly.

        • Disqusted

          I remember hearing that Ex-Governor “Blinky” Ishihara tried to censor a lot of anime/manga stuff a while back. Doesn’t seem like much came out of it. That guy wrote rape novels too. Huge hypocrite.

          They have more anime censorship on Japanese TV now, but I think a big part of that is also because the animation studios want to sell the DVD/Bluray (apparently that’s where their money comes from, their original budget goes to the broadcast station for the time slot).

      • Disqusted

        I’ve also heard similar complaints. I’m sure it’s just as hard to find a good wife/husband over there as it is over here. Well, maybe a little less hard because they don’t have Soros’ feminist SJW bullshit making things a billion times more difficult.

    • Disqusted

      I have a few Japanese female friends, and some occasionally go into that “dealing with her is like tiptoeing on eggshells” thing. They’re aware of their own instability and hate it, but can’t control it. I’m sure that’s the same for many women everywhere, and I think it’s because women aren’t raised to control their emotions like men are.

      My impression is that Japanese women generally act more feminine, and are usually more intelligent/skilled/empathetic than the women (and men) I’ve seen/met in the West, so there’s that. I’m sure that also depends on where you happen to live, and who you happen to meet.

      There’s a guy on YouTube called That Japanese Man Yuta who goes around gathering opinions from random Japanese on the street. I think one of his videos was about feminism, and the immediately obvious thing is that most Japanese women will quickly consider the men’s point of view, not just their own. That is often absent in the West.

      I think many or most Japanese people see SJW feminist garbage as being selfish, irresponsible or just flat-out insane. I did hear that they
      have been increasingly sensitive to some things, and I saw someone say that it’s because Japanese people who study abroad are bringing SJW beliefs back to Japan. I don’t know how true that is.

      I remember hearing that Japanese courts will often convict a man based solely on a women’s words. I heard there are some nasty schoolgirls who blackmail random men on trains, threatening to report them for sexual harassment unless they pay up. If the men don’t comply, they get reported and the court slaps t hem with a criminal record, they lose their job, their career and life ruined.

      Not sure how often that happens, but it probably isn’t that often because Japanese people seem to generally be more civil/nice than other countries, especially when considering their population density. It’s not like in China where I hear people are encouraged to kill or avoid helping victims of accidents, because the law there supposedly says good samaritans must pay money to the people that they help.

      I hear Japan has a women’s carriage on trains, but women don’t like to use them. If a man gets caught using one of those, he gets in deep doo-doo. This is the same country that Western people around me insist is “very patriarchal and treats their women badly”. Meanwhile, Japanese female friends tell me they’re glad they were born female.

      There’s still the odd pervert and so on, but I don’t think that’s as big of a problem as people make it out to be. You know what national news is like. They always pick out the weirdest shit that happens in other countries, and then people’s opinion of that country gets shaped by those extreme cases.

      For example, I once read some bullshit article from a seemingly reputable news source that said Japanese guys often ejaculate at girls in public, while riding bikes (WTF) and trains, and physically attack foreign women without punishment from law enforcement. The comments were full of people acting like it happens all the time. I asked several Japanese friends (male and female) if they’d ever heard of such incidents, and they all said “no”.

      To be fair though, some of my Japanese female friends have complained that they’ve been groped on the train and at the Tokyo Game Show. That kind of thing happens everywhere though, doesn’t it?

      • some of my Japanese female friends have complained that they’ve been groped on the train and at the Tokyo Game Show. That kind of thing happens everywhere though, doesn’t it?

        I don’t regularly read about what goes on in Japan, but I’ve seen reports about this multiple times. I thought that’s why they made the carriage just for females? I think a lot of dudes were copping feels on crowded trains because they could.

        That’s not something that’s regularly reported on here in the States.

        most Japanese women will quickly consider the men’s point of view, not just their own. That is often absent in the West.

        Yeah this is just lost here in the West. It’s rare to find someone who is self aware. I think it also applies to dudes as well. It’s one of the reasons so many guys here in the States knock a girl up and then take flight, not giving a crap about the kids they bring into the world or the damage they’re doing by dodging out of their responsibility to take care of the kid.

        I think in Japan, they seem to be a bit more conscious about those kind of consequences. Maybe then again that’s why their birth rates are dwindling so rapidly… they know they can’t cope with those responsibilities and don’t want to deal with them?

        • Disqusted

          Japanese generally seem to be more aware that society is multiple people, not being a lone wolf/hero. I think that’s why they are more empathetic, but it could also be something deeper than that. Someone in one of Yuta’s videos pointed out that Japanese are more adept at putting aside stuff they hate about others, to work towards a common goal.

          One Japanese friend has told me it has a lot to do with Japanese history, overcoming their past conflicts, and not having stuff like multiple cultures and religions to divide them. The same friend also said that Japanese Shinto religion is about believing that God/Gods resides in everything, which is why they respect everything. The most popular Western religions seem to be more about “our God is the only God and everyone else’s is fake, and he loves YOU!” which likely influences Western behavior to some degree.

          In Japanese fiction as well, I think it’s rare to have a single hero doing everything on their own, they always receive lots of help from others around them. That seems to be a negative in the West, where people seem to highly value independence. That’s not to say Japanese don’t also enjoy the lone hero cliche, but those kinds of characters are usually bad guys. I think.

          I get the impression Japanese social interactions can be pretty complex and a pain to deal with, and I’ve met at least one Japanese guy who doesn’t want to bother anymore. He said he wanted to escape to the West where people are more… I’d say, “isolated/selfish/self-contained”? Not sure what word best describes it.

          I think, to some degree, if you worry/care too much about other people, it is pretty soul-crushing. To the point that you end up wanting to avoid people completely. I often feel like that myself.

          But I think every country has different kinds of social problems. A friend in Singapore told me that when he went to America, he noticed that it’s much more “free” there, where people just do what they want for themselves, whereas in Singapore you have to copy what everyone else is doing. In Japan, it’s more like you shouldn’t stand out too much, which is a little different.

      • I have a few Japanese female friends, and some occasionally go into that “dealing with her is like tiptoeing on eggshells” thing. They’re aware of their own instability and hate it, but can’t control it. I’m sure that’s the same for many women everywhere, and I think it’s because women aren’t raised to control their emotions like men are.

        Even if they cannot control it, no fucking way on earth does it justify having to curtail and persecute men in order to make sure that women aren’t “offended” or suffer “sexism”.

        Curtailing men and making them walk on eggshells is not “good intentions” or “progressivism”, it’s nothing more than authoritarian fear-mongering and discrimination. It’s genuine oppression.

        This is exactly what has happened in the Western society.

        Isn’t it ironic though that when you think about it, they curtail men in order to stop women being offended, yet girls/women are allowed to act like uncontrolled bipolar emotional freaks and bash men however they want with impunity.

        I realize they are your friends, but I hope you at least told them that their emotional instability does not justify the curtailing and persecution of men.

        To be fair though, some of my Japanese female friends have complained that they’ve been groped on the train and at the Tokyo Game Show.

        I’m going to be harsh here. Report it at the scene of the incident for investigation or provide evidence. Otherwise it didn’t happen.

        What I’m saying is, an accuser should always have to back up her claims.

        • Disqusted

          Yeah, they know. I don’t know if they reported it, they just complained about it as an anecdote during casual conversation. I think that’s different from making accusations and generalizing, like SJWs do.

          I’d imagine most women wouldn’t complain on the spot, because it’d make a public scene, just like scammer schoolgirls would. And then it’d be difficult to find and catch the guy after the fact, or even prove it. I’m sure there are a lot of causes where innocent guys get accused because they were standing next to the actual culprit, too.

          I think all societies need to teach women to rein in their emotions from a young age. I don’t think female instability is solely because of hormones. Guys get emotional mood swings too, but they just control/suppress them as best as they can. They’re raised that way. Girls usually aren’t.

          On a similar topic, this is something I realized a while back: A busy/distracted person can go a long time without sexual thoughts, but seeing a sexy person makes them want to have sex, right?

          In Arabic/Islamic/Middle Eastern? countries, the women cover up their bodies. That way, guys won’t get sexual urges, because they can’t see sexy female bodies. As a result, those guys never learn to suppress their sexual urges. They never have to, because the women cover up instead.

          I think that’s why they can’t control themselves when they migrate to the West, and see half-naked women prancing around everywhere. I’ve never seen anyone else point this out. Western academia and media always seem to blame it on power struggle nonsense. Western people probably just blame it on Islam.

          I also remembered something else that I wanted to point out. This is something I’ve seen in women from various countries: they have really high expectations for their boyfriend/partner, to the point that a single argument/disagreement/dislike means “that person isn’t the one” and they’re quick to get upset/break up.

          Part of this is because of stuff like horoscopes, romantic fiction and women’s magazines raising women’s expectations. But I think it’s also because a lot of people don’t have relationship experience. They don’t realize how nice their partner is, until they break up and go out with someone else who is worse. That may be one of the reasons why women tend to end up with assholes.

          The other reason they end up with assholes, and again this is just my personal opinion/observation, is because women enjoy “winning” guys over. There’s more achievement in turning around an asshole who doesn’t like you, than simply accepting the love of someone who already likes you.

          I’ve also heard they choose assholes just because they like to hang out with whoever is the “strongest”. Not so sure about that one.

  • It’s not dubbed, is it?

    • Harada said no dubbing because they had no plans for releasing in America, so there’s only subs.

      • Bitterbear

        Do you really want Ashly Burch doing the voice in that game?

        • Hey man, I’m always subs over dubs. She’s not bad looking but her voice can be grating.

        • Disqusted


  • Gozu Tennoh

    That gatebox is very concerning. It’s just too easy.

    An entire generation of western women are ruined but surely thats not the case for the Japanese. They should be pouring money into getting these dudes out of thier safe zone, not locking them further in.

    I think a free brazilian wax for every japanese woman would be a great start!
    Just kidding ;p………………………….or am I?

    • Bro, there’s already no hope for them. Gatebox is the only way.

    • Disqusted

      It’s not just the Japanese men not wanting to deal with women, but the other way around as well. I think humans everywhere in general are spoiled by ridiculously high ideals. It’s a byproduct of modern society.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        I was unaware of the reverse. That doesnt bode well at all!

        • Disqusted

          I’ve heard Japanese girls saying real guys are scary, they only like 2d guys, etc. I think society in general is at a point where relationships are such a pain up the ass for both men and women, that it’s far less stressful, less costly/risky to stick with a viable fictional alternative, which is often also much closer to personal ideals, or customizable to be as such.

        • Disqusted

          I just saw this video and thought I should link it because it’s about Japan’s virginity, birthrates, and CNN lying: