Tales Of Berseria Cheats Add Infinite Health, Gald, Katz Spirits, 100x Combos
Tales of Berseria Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2017)

A couple of new cheat trainers have launched for Bandai Namco’s English release of Tales of Berseria, which recently released in North America for PS4 and PC. You can use the cheat trainers for the Steam version of the game, opening up a lot of opportunities to battle enemies without dying and executing 100 hit combos.

The first cheat trainer is available over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The cheats add infinite health so you never run out during battle, along with infinite SG so you can keep on unleashing the hurt on enemies, and infinite gald, which is the equivalent of gold currency in Tales of Berseria. If you also need to increase your item stash the infinite item cheat is available as well.

Now there’s a second cheat trainer as well that adds a few extra items to the list. For instance, there’s super combos, save anywhere and one-hit kills. The one-hit kills work perfect for things like the rare demon bosses. You can check out the list of cheats below or download the trainer from the WeMod page.

• Unlimited Health
• Unlimited Gald
• Unlimited Katz Spirits
• Unlimited Souls
• Unlimited BG
• Super Combo
• Unlimited Items
• Massive XP Gain
• Save Anywhere
• One Hit Kills

The ability to save anywhere seems like it might be dangerous just because you could end up in a pretty crappy situation and then save the game and force yourself into a bind. However, the super combos, unlimited BG, unlimited souls and the ability to use the Katz spirits to unlock chests could be a huge benefit.

Tales of Berseria is most certainly a story-oriented game. So if you were interested in playing the game to focus more on soaking in the story instead of training, grinding or trying to better understand the real-time active combat system, you can use the cheat trainers to help get you through.

Tales of Berseria is available right now for PC over on Steam and on PS4. The game has been generally well received by the public and from critics alike.

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