Tales Of Berseria Demo Walkthrough Covers Scenario & Battle Modes
Tales of Berseria - Velvet

The Tales of Berseria demo for the PlayStation 4 and PC has gone live. Some gamers have already thrown together some walkthroughs of the two modes in the demo, which can be played for an unlimited amount of time.

The game features a Scenario Mode and a Battle Mode in the demo. If you choose to do the Scenario Mode you’ll have the option of getting a hand-holding session through a tutorial.

YouTuber HeroVoltsy goes through both the Scenario Mode and the Battle Mode. You can check out the 28 minute video below.

The demo reveals that you can loot chests and unlock accessories and items for the characters. In one case we see that Velvet gets a corsage and it actually shows up on her in the game. Basic equipment won’t show up but costumed items will appear.

Much like other recent Tales of games, it’s possible to string together combos during battle. You can switch characters during combos to chain combos, create breaker combos, knockback enemies or tag-team for combos well above 100-hits.

Tales of Berseria - Controls

The Scenario Mode in the demo for Tales of Berseria is just barely over 15 minutes, but the Battle Mode will give you a bit more replayability.

It’s also possible to get the jump on enemies by sneaking up behind them and engaging battle from behind. It’s similar to other JRPGs in the overworld map where depending on where you approach them determines if you get an advantage or get jumped. The Battle Mode isn’t much longer than the Scenario Mode, also lasting around 15 minutes… just enough to give you a taste of the game.

Tales of Berseria mostly managed to escape the standard censorship campaigns that SJWs have led against Eastern games, save for a scene near the beginning that includes a key character getting impaled, which Namco had to change in order to secure a lower rating for Tales of Berseria. They did promise that they weren’t going to Burka-up the lead character, Velvet, and they certainly weren’t going to make her Islam-ready, but they did have to tone down the violence.

Tales of Berseria launches on January 24th in North America in two week’s time on PS4 and on January 27th on Steam for PC. You can download the demo right now for the PS4 or on Steam for PC.


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