The Assignment Trailer Reveals Michelle Rodriguez As A Hitman Forced Into A Woman’s Body
The Assignment (2017)
(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

So you have Michelle Rodriguez playing a character who was a guy who was forced to be a woman as punishment for killing someone. The movie steals a bit of its themes from the 2011 flick, The Skin I Live In, a marvelously mind-twisting thriller starring Antonio Banderas.

In this case, Walter Hill’s The Assignment features Michelle Rodriguez as a butt-kicking hitman who was once… a man. Sigourney Weaver plays the foil for Rodriguez’s character, capturing him and turning him into a woman as punishment.

It’s a bizarre premise, but the trailer actually manages to make it look a lot better than what I thought it would be. JoBlo has the digs.

I didn’t know Walter Hill was doing biographical documentaries these days. I kid, I kid! Geez.

Anyway, you might want to register at before you visit the comment section for the trailer. If you don’t have health insurance there’s no way you’ll be able to afford chemo for the cancer you’ll contract while reading the comments.

There is a bevy of Social Justice Warriors and armchair mercenaries for the millennial menagerie, white knighting so hard in the comment section you would think ivory chess pieces were going out of style.

But there’s no sense wasting words on the wily antics of self-hating trust fund kids looking to virtue signal in YouTube comment sections. Instead, let’s talk a little bit about the trailer: so first thing is first, the plot seems a little wacky and out there but we’ll roll with it. It opens a legitimate opportunity for a lesbian sex scene in an action movie that no one can argue comes out of left field.

Additionally, the action sequences look top notch. Gritty, dark, shootouts with lots of blood and sparks and smoke from fiery pistols. The one thing that stood out is that there appears to be squibbing. I love old-school squibbing, and it’s nice to see Hill taking it back old-school… well at least in the brief scenes they showcased in the trailer. I hope the rest of the film doesn’t use digital blood effects because boy would that diminish the quality of the action scenes.

If this is a throwback film to action fare from the 1970s, 80s or 90s, I’m all on board. So long as it doesn’t get too preachy or veer too far off into left field, this could end up being like a weird, smaller budget, millennial version of Face/Off.

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  • Disqusted

    The SJWs are upset? You’d think they’d be worshipping such a concept.

    • The SJWs are upset? You’d think they’d be worshipping such a concept.

      Precisely what I thought.

      I thought SJWs/feminists were into the “teach men a lesson by forcing him to have a woman’s body to experience how much more difficult life is and how oppressed women are” garbage.

      • Part of their argument was that the movie wasn’t diverse enough… should have been a trans actor, they said.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    So long as theres no libtard agenda, it looks pretty good.

  • EroBotan

    man forced into woman body is a common theme in hentai manga/anime lol

    • EroBotan

      and i don’t get his (her now) reaction when he realize that he’s a woman now … the natural reaction will be start groping your new boobs!!

      • LurkerJK

        those kind of animes are comedies for a reason, the premise is ridiculous and humor is all you can get out of it

        outside of groping oneself, the awkward situations going to the bathroom, changing, and doing sexual things, switching from man to woman really makes no practical difference for the movie

        neither pulling a trigger or doing the matrix ninja act require a penis

        • EroBotan

          well, i’m just joking

        • Disqusted

          I think they’re often comedies because if you go into it too deeply, someone will always get offended, or you’ll probably have to delve into private/sexual topics.

      • fnd

        “the natural reaction will be start groping your new boobs!!”
        What about your new rewired woman’s brain, hormones, etc?

        • What about your new rewired woman’s brain, hormones, etc?

          So that’ll be cry, whine, moan, bitch and complain about everything as well then.

          • fnd

            lol pretty much.

        • EroBotan

          those are important too, but groping your new boobs still has to be your first priority in your new to do list!

      • Disqusted

        Pretty sure women grope their own boobs when they get them, too. They don’t do it all the time because it probably gets old.

        • EroBotan

          understandable, we men don’t fap all the time either

    • Disqusted

      What annoys me is when someone ends up in someone else’s body, and magically adapts perfectly to the point of having the same strength, abilities, etc. That makes no sense at all, and defeats the purpose.

      I bet if people could swap bodies in reality, you’d have to spend a long time getting used to all the differences. You probably wouldn’t even be able to write with a pen for a while.

      • EroBotan

        you need to adjust the way you run too since women have hip, i won’t surprise if you look stupid or fall the first few time you run XD