The Forest: Game Ending Explained
The Forest Ending Explained

Endnight Games’ The Forest has been a huge success on Steam. The game is still in Early Access but the main story mode has finally been completed, bringing to fruition the ending of the journey for the lone survivor whose plane crashed within the mysterious forest. For those of you who have completed the story but aren’t sure what happened, this little guide will help in attempting to explain the ending in The Forest.

The game starts with the player-character in a plane with his son. The plan mysterious breaks apart and crashes into a forest. The player-character is knocked out in the crash but wakes up in time to find a pale man standing over him. The pale man takes the son of the player-character and leaves.

The rest of the plane’s crew are killed by the inhabitants of the forest, and the player-character is forced to survive using the supplies and resources gathered from the downed plane and the forest.

During the survival process inhabitants of the forest begin to terrorize the player-character, forcing violence to erupt and eventually turning the player-character into a killer as he fends for himself against the violent cannibals. He stoops to base violence, building effigies from human body parts in order to scare away the inhabitants.

As time goes on, the player-character learns to survive in the wilderness while attempting to find his missing son. This eventually leads him to a seemingly abandoned yacht just offshore. On board the yacht is a milk carton with a picture of a missing boy, a photo of a mutant and a burned body on the bed. There’s also a picture of a spire found on the ship.

A similar image of the spire is recovered from deep inside of a cave where the player-character discovers more than just the cannibals residing in the forest… there are mutants down in the cave. There’s also another deceased survivor found in a cave, revealing that others had attempted to survive on the fores island as well. This is further confirmed when another cave reveals that many people have been to the island and have been killed and turned into food by the cannibals.

The Forest - Flesh Soup

After going spelunking, it’s discovered that another group of religious explorers died down in the cave after venturing beyond the alien door. The caves were used by various survivors to avoid the cannibals living above ground, but they were still killed by the mutants living below ground, including a lawyer who escaped to a cave and with a keycard that unlocks a door to Sahara Therapeutics, a research facility located inside of a chasm.

Eventually the player-character makes his way into the facility, which is still powered. Inside the facility he discovers photos of a Megan Cross, as well as pictures drawn by her. Observation rooms were also discovered featuring failed experiments part of what was called the “Jarius Project”.

The “Jarius Project” was designed to create longevity medicine, basically for treating terminal illness. However, the project turned a lot of kids into mutants, including Virgina, subject 37B5, who developed multiple sexual organs, face distortions and multiple limbs. One of the other subjects, codenamed “Armsy”, was a six-year-old turned into a highly aggressive mutant.

They were using the anomalies as a way to treat and transplant them into adults. The trials were not successful.

They were creating the mutants using ancient artifacts, breeding the kids and attempting to prolong the life of people.

The Forest Cheats

Inside the research facility the player-character douses himself in red paint to force the cannibals to cower in fear of him. The player-character then finds a picture from Megan that references her father as an angry red man. Further into the facility, the player-character finds his son locked inside of one of the ancient artifacts, which is designed like an iron maiden torture chamber. The player-character’s son – some of whom in the gaming community have referred to as “Timmy” – is impaled by the spikes and dead.

In order to save his son, the player-character places “Timmy” on the operating table used for the “Jarius Project”. In order to revive his son, the player-character ventures through the lab to find a living sample; a sacrifice.

The player-character eventually finds Megan Cross in a large with a glass floor overlooking a cave system. Megan is sitting on the floor drawing pictures of her dad, Dr. Matthew Cross, when she turns into a tentacle monster that must be killed. Megan dies during the battle and can’t be used to revive “Timmy”. In one of the rooms Dr. Cross is found, dead, painted red. He had been killed by Megan in a previous encounter when she turned into a monster and ate him.

This leads the player-character to travel to another section of the Sahara Therapeutics facility, the observation station overlooking “the forest”. Inside the facility is a magnetic tractor beam powered by the second artifact.

The Forest - Ending

The player-character uses the beam to crash another plane and kidnap a survivor from the crash in order to use them to revive his son. One year later, while on a talk show to discuss surviving their ordeal in the forest, his son begins to have convulsions while on the set. Before he turns into a monster the screen fades to black and shows the title of the game.

It’s suspected that some of the researchers at Sahara Therapeutics weren’t keen on what was going on at the facility and escaped to the caves. They appeared to be killed by the mutant kids.

Some of the more humanoid experiments escaped the lab and survived as cannibals, killing and eating any survivors within the forest.

Some theorize that the religious sect within The Forest had moved from the research facility into the caves in order to worship the source of the artifact.

TL;DR: A man and his son survive a plane crash that was brought down by Dr. Matthew Cross, who painted himself in red paint to keep the cannibals on the island at bay. He the man’s son to revive his own daughter using an ancient artifact. The man survives on the island against the cannibals and mutants long enough to find out that they are “children” created in a lab by the Sahara Therapeutics research facility where his son is being kept. He kills Megan Cross, who was revived as a monster, and the man uses the artifact to crash another plane, capture a live human and sacrifice them to bring back his son. A year later the man’s son convulses and turns into the same monster as Megan Cross.


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