Tiger Knight: Empire War Moves To 0.0.71 With New FPS Optimization Update

In my Tiger Knight: Empire War Early Access Review  I talked about the game having pretty decent framerate, hovering around 15-20 FPS on the lowest settings. However, sometimes you would get some major FPS drops that could go down to single digits.

The random framerate drops for Tiger Knight: Empire War were literally just that, for some people they were reporting getting steady high FPS, one guy commented and said that he never had any FPS stutters at all while playing the game. Other players, like myself, stayed at around 25 FPS, it would drop to 15 FPS in big battles, and Epic War mode stayed at around 7 FPS for the first dueling part of the game (this baffled me). Out of nowhere, even if there weren’t any soldiers on the screen, you could drop down to about 4 FPS. It wasn’t good.

No matter what you set the graphics settings on, the game always had these poor FPS stutters and we just had to deal with it. The development team at NetDragon and OASIS GAMES have heard the players cries and have decided to put optimization on their priority list to fix the problem.

64 Bit systems will now run Tiger Knight: Empire War at a much smoother framerate with the new 0.0.71 update. I tested it out and played a few games and I have seen much smoother gameplay after the update. Epic War’s Duels (only the first part) still had some serious FPS stutters for my low-end laptop, but other players in the game were reporting 40 FPS on very high settings, and another player reported a steady 60 FPS on his gaming machine (but did not disclose his settings).

Here is what the new update has fixed in the quote below that was posted by the developers on their official website-

Client Efficiency Optimization This update will optimize the character rendering, character animation, physical collision and UI refresh. Under the same configuration, the fps in game will be improved.

Additionally, the developers also fixed and patched various bugs that were in the game and made some minor adjustments to soldier units and their skills and stats to help balance the game.

You can read the full update list by visiting the official Tiger Knight Website for additional details.

Have you played Tiger Knight: Empire War after the new 0.0.71 update? Does the game run better for your machine or does it still have major FPS stutters? Share with us below your average FPS and if you see a difference after the new optimization update.