Treasures Of A Blizzard Uncensored Version Launches On Nutaku
Treasures of a Blizzard

Flaming Firefly Studios’ Treasures of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout launched on Steam a while back but it was censored to accommodate the standards of Valve’s digital distribution service. Well, Nutaku managed to get their hands on Treasures of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout in all its uncensored glory.

The visual novel is currently available over on the Nutaku store for $15.00. The visual novel sees players taking on the role of a young military officer whose father tarnished their name by acting like a mutinous S.O.B. As the son of the mutinous father, players will have to make the long journey to the imperial capital in order to make amends for the sins of the father.

Along the way the main character ends up encountering three young ladies, Lin, Mei and Shan. Players will take on various missions while also developing relationships with each of the three characters. The decisions and choices made throughout the game will result in unlocking one of the 10 different endings in Treasures of a Blizzard.

You can check out the safe for work trailer below, showcasing the characters and the artwork.

The art obviously isn’t on par to the likes of Winged Cloud, who have become renown for mastering the art of creating titillating ecchi that strikes the very soul of a man’s loins like a hammer fastening molten iron into a sword.

However, if you’re still lacking a good amount of uncensored content in your life when it comes to visual novels, Nutaku has you covered.

Flaming Firefly Studios has tried to gun for a game that doesn’t just give you T&A but also focuses on telling a story with characters that must face off against sometimes impossible choices with unforeseen consequences, sometimes resulting in death.

Treasures of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout is available right now in its censored form over on Steam and in its uncensored form over on the NSFW Nutaku.


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