Voodoo, Tribal Game Seeks To Bring Fantasy Survival To Steam

If you like playing as naked primitive warriors out in an open-world setting mixed with fantasy elements, then you might enjoy Voodoo. Voodoo will be coming sometime this year as noted by the developers announcing that they are currently working on the game. Voodoo passed its Kickstarter goal on December 23rd, 2016, and is now set to hit PC sometime this year.

Violence, nudity, and gore are aplenty in Voodoo and are another layer to the devs’ description of the primal wildlife found in the game. Honestly I don’t know how this game will be on release, but seeing how people took to it on Kickstarter I’m assuming folks are looking for an open-world wildlife game.

Features to be found in Voodoo, according to the devs, consist of open-world environments, multiplayer, hunting, crafting (a standard in indie games), and battling for tribal territory. The game’s official description is up for you to read.

“Voodoo is a multiplayer open-world survival game set amidst the fantasy wildlife of primal Africa. Champion the call of your tribe by hunting, gathering and crafting resources, building your village, and battling for territory and domination at the dawn of civilization.”

The trailer showing spear chucking and a giant creatures roaming the wild is up for you to watch courtesy of Brain in the Box.

As of this moment the devs have no set release date for the game, besides “TBA 2017”. Although that does not specify a given date, the devs did post this as of recent:

Hi everyone, and happy new year! We managed to get to our goal, and we started working back on the game as soon as we stopped partying. In this patch:

  • Gui overhaul
  • added placeholders for the new gui composition
  • added inventory screen (that you can see by pressing I)
  • added inventory

To find out more regarding Voodoo, and if its a game worth keeping an eye on, you can head on over to bitbgames.com.


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