Weekly Recap Jan 28th: FBI Vindicates #GamerGate But The Media Still Pushes Lies
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2017)

The FBI report on #GamerGate is now out and about for the public to consume. It covers a number of different instances of reported harassment, many of which turned out to be false flags, troll attempts or young boys playing on the phone. However, if you check headlines from the media it all looks like there’s more thread-weaving than a knitting competition at the regional AARP annual convention.

The reality is that the FBI report doesn’t coincide with the media’s three-year campaign of calling #GamerGate a harassment and terrorist group. So the media has opted to spin stories to use their “fake news” to convince people that 1) the FBI is incompetent, like The Verge and Gizmodo, and 2) #GamerGate managed to outsmart all the law enforcement, like The Register. Few people had the common sense to finally conclude that zero evidence of #GamerGate being a harassment campaign might actually mean that the media lied and that, ya know, #GamerGate isn’t a harassment campaign.

It makes me feel so proud when a person following SJW media finally gains an ounce of self awareness. These stories and so much more in this January 28th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Rhianna Pratchett Finally Drops The Hammer On Games Media

Rhianna Pratchett, the writer of various books and video games, including the two Tomb Raider Reboots, finally spoke out against the complete butchering of the Tomb Raider content by the media, who went on and on about “rape culture”. She’s a few years too late but better late than never, right? Hollow Knight has been cancelled for the Wii U and shifted to the Nintendo Switch, due out at some point later in the year. The modders have finally released the uncensored voices for Criminal Girls: Invite Only on the Steam version for PC. Halo Wars 2 won’t feature resource management, but has replaced it instead with deck building via cards, similar to a skill system in MOBA card games. And the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will feature multiple alternate endings depending on the decisions you make throughout the game.


Yandere Dev Warns Other Devs About Twitch

After Yandere Simulator managed to get banned from Twitch for nebulous reasons, the developer has spent the last year trying to figure out why. Twitch has dodged him at every turn, sending him in circles and not explaining why they banned the game. The developer sent out a word of warning to other developers that be careful what kind of content you include in your game because they could drop the banhammer on you next. I Am Setsuna was announced as a launch game for the Nintendo Switch, and it will be arriving on March 3rd for the console. A new top-down shooter called Mr. Shifty adds a really cool dynamic to the action game genre by allowing players to teleport around. And Summer Lesson is scheduled to launch in early 2017 in the West as a digital download along with some brand new DLC.


EVO 2017 Lineup Revealed

Sporting some fresh new faces from 2016, EVO 2017 has a strong lineup of some awesome fighting games due to drop at this year’s event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The official list rolled out and includes fan-favorites like King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, as well as mainstream games like Street Fighter V and the upcoming Injustice 2. The Banner Saga 3 has officially headed onto Kickstarter seeking $200,000. The third game will also be the final game in the trilogy, completing a comprehensive story centered around the fall of the Norse world, and the wrath of the gods upon the people. The story of struggle and survival never felt as heartbreaking as it does in The Banner Saga. And the VR update for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has gone live… but it’s only available for those in Japan.


FBI Releases #GamerGate File To The Public

In case you doubted the original FBI FOIA request that was released out into the wild back in December, the full case file has been made public through the FBI’s own website. You can actually download the file and read it over for yourself. As per usual, there’s no evidence that #GamerGate was actually an organized harassment campaign. Marvel made an odd move and teamed up with Square Enix, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics to work on a new game due for release in 2018. No info on the game until 2018. And Nick Monroe put together an editorial defending Bastion in Overwatch after he was severely nerfed following the beta.


Polygon Continues To Fail At Ethics

To no one’s surprise, Polgyon has managed to fail to disclose ties to someone they were close with while promoting their game. The editorial was designed to help spread awareness of a close friend’s game, but they ended up failing the basic #GamerGate litmus test. BioWare’s release of the crew trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has revealed that they’ve decided to move away from the pretty people they had in the other three games and focus more on generic looking average folk. Conan Exiles has been priced ahead of its Early Access release and it’ll cost you $29.99. Here’s a review of the 16-bit inspired beat-’em-up game 99Vidas. And Civilization VI will be receiving mod support via Steam Workshop soon enough.

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  • Disqusted

    Media lies and media still lies.

  • The mainstream news media are the reason why Trump is in office. They chose to keep doubling down on their narrative, and look where it got them.

    You wonder why I decided to abandon them. The Democrats need to learn from this: They abandoned one of their most reliable voting blocks, the Workers. The common blue-collar man doesn’t give a crap about all this identity politics garbage.

    The modern news media industry… Take off and nuke it from orbit. Then rebuild on the ashes.

    • They abandoned one of their most reliable voting blocks, the Workers. The common blue-collar man doesn’t give a crap about all this identity politics garbage.

      We no longer have a proletariat party. Democrats used to sort of represent that at one point, especially during the Bush era. But you’re absolutely right about the whole identity politics and social justice warrior nonsense: how does any of that crap — aimed at barely 1% of Americans — actually help people without jobs? People struggling with bills? People struggling to find jobs? Or future generations who need jobs? Their priorities are completely screwed up.

      • Disqusted

        I think it’s because so many of those people are already living cozy lives, that focusing on SJW shit is their way of “progressing”. They’re actively ignoring everyone else’s real life problems, just so they can feel like they achieved something. That’s why so many SJWs are fat rich assholes.

        Well, they also rope in people who are ignorant of real issues, or running away from real issues. It’s easier to focus on bogeymans that they can point fingers at and rage. Especially when rich assholes are making it profitable to do so.

        Something I was thinking recently is, I think people WANT there to be a new “Hitler”. Humans love to define themselves through conflict. They want to have a big bad enemy, to give them purpose and direction. That may be why so many are eager to paint Trump as Hitler.

    • Disqusted

      From everything I’ve been hearing of late, it sounded like the Democrats just pretended to appeal to workers, minorities, etc. I don’t know if they’ve always been like that, but in general I don’t assume a party consisting of so many people is going to be consistent or trustworthy. Especially if they are trying to appeal to certain groups for personal benefit. And I still think that always electing only the same two parties isn’t really a choice. There are so many issues and problems, there’s no way I can trust any single group to reliably solve them.

      People are acting like Trump is a matter of “you’re either with us or against us”. It’s not that simple. Personally, I don’t know if Trump is going to do a good job or not. I think it’s too early to decide that. And I don’t expect him to be perfectly good or perfectly bad. I don’t think any leader always makes the right choices.

      What I do know for certain is that the majority of Trump’s opposition, the mainstream media, social networking admins, as well as some of his predecessors, are corrupt, blatant lying assholes. There is so much proof of that. The most obvious being that it’s impossible Trump could be so absolutely evil/terrible that 99% of the news we hear about him is totally negative, and ONLY after he decided to run for president despite being in the public spotlight for his ENTIRE LIFE.

      I can say that because I was a victim of everyone around me (both adults and children) constantly saying I was the devil, for decades. But people who got to know me always said, “you’re nothing like what everyone says about you”. It doesn’t matter if you help so many people (like I did), all that matters is what people want to believe in, and they will treat you as such. I’m living proof that it happens.

      I’m sure there are a lot of people who are against Trump because they aren’t aware of all the issues that others are suffering from, and don’t want things to change, because they are personally fine with how things were, or can’t imagine how things could be better. Or worse.

      It’s already clear that Trump is much more of a “change” than Obama claimed to be, but it could all still just be part of a big show. And it could already be too late. I think a lot of people are too far gone off the deep end. Anything Trump does, good or bad, may still be futile.

      As an observer, I can’t help but see the whole situation like this:
      Even if someone really does want to make the world a better place, or save the world (and I’m not saying Trump is that person or not), there will always be opposition who will stop at nothing to DESTROY that person, even if they may be the only person who can save the world.

      It’s just really, really sad.

    • TeLin特林

      Couldn’t agree more.

      The recent DNC forum doesn’t give me any hope. “Shut the white people up!” will not work….if anything it’ll create more “alt-right” ass clowns, more people moving away from the DNC…etc.

      I don’t want AntiFa/Communism thinking in the DNC.

  • anopolis

    the media has gone full retard since trump took the election…and some of the attacks would have some merit, I feel..I really do. he’s not my first perfect choice for president. However, in the past year, the amount …the baffling amount of media lunacy makes me think most have them have lost their shit. Throwing anything against the wall hoping something will stick….i feel the day i walk into the office and see the chain of command on the wall…and see ole donnie J at the top…im gonna chuckle….its crazy..

    • Disqusted

      I don’t think anyone can ever be a perfect choice. Have to take the good with the bad. If what I’ve seen of Trump is true, then the guy does seem to have good intentions, and it’s probably good that he’s actively trying to fix things instead of sitting on his ass all day, which he could easily do. He also seems to be aware that he isn’t perfect, and is willing to change himself if he realizes he’s made a mistake. That’s a pretty important aspect, I think. Most people can’t do that.

      We just have to wait and see how things out. But I think that at this point, the anti-Trumpers are already causing way more trouble than Trump has. Then they blame him for it. There are a bunch of us who don’t trust or agree with Trump, but we don’t explode and riot about it.