Yandere Simulator Dev Warns Other Developers About Twitch’s Censorship
Yandere Simulator Censored

Twitch.tv runs an opaque ship when it comes to why some games get banned and others don’t. The support staff are extremely reticent when it comes to press statements; and the topic of censorship is never directly addressed by them. Well, one developer whose game was banned for nebulous reasons – and it was never explained why – decided to warn other developers about the issue.

The Yandere Simulator developer put out a near 20 minute video discussing the fact that if his game could get banned, your game could get banned… and you might not ever know why.

He addressed the message to indie developers who may be working on a game that might cross the content boundaries in ways that aren’t specifically identified on the Twitch site. Twitch moderators, administrators or community support staff might end up flagging a game for one unclear reason or the next.

In the case of Yandere Simulator,  it was originally banned back in January of 2016 but we still don’t know why.

The Yandere Dev points to various examples in the 18 minute video.

He questions how Yandere Simulator was banned but God of War games are allowed despite being more violent? It’s a good point.

He questions how Yandere Simulator could be banned even though games like Senran Kagura allow you to see obscured nude high school students? It’s a good point… although, Senran Kagura was briefly banned by Twitch on the grounds that they didn’t allow visual novels to be broadcast… despite the fact that Senran Kagura is a beat-’em-up game not a visual novel.

He also points out that Yandere Simulator is banned even though they allow GTA V to be streamed, despite both games having scenes of torture, and GTA’s torture is far more graphic. Heck, GTA V also has lots of sex; anal sex, oral sex, and various other kinds of fetish sex are featured in the game but Twitch hasn’t touched it. He also points out that South Park: Stick of Truth has all of the above and then some, but it too hasn’t been banned from Twitch.

So what gives?

Well, Twitch’s administrators never explained their position. Yandere Dev couldn’t get any clear answers. The press have yet to get any clear answers either.

The developer goes through a list of reasons as to why Yandere Simulator may have been banned. One of his reasons is that they don’t ban popular games that bring in a lot of money – even though they break the broadcasting terms of service and content rules – because they would lose money, but they do ban indie games and that’s why Yandere Simulator was banned.

Some of his other reasons was that the game has an anime art-style and Twitch employees may think of it as being “icky” and “gross”. He rolled with the possible notion that it’s all a misunderstanding (even though technically they should have been willing to reverse the ban if that was the case), and his final reason was…

He called them “Those People” as a way to avoid the social media wrath, which tells you everything you need to know. However, around these parts we’re not afraid to call him by what they are, since all they’ve done is ruin the hobby I love. That’s right, we’re talking about: Social Justice Warriors.

And in case you missed that… I said…

Social Justice Warriors.

Out of all his reasons the SJW one seems the most likely.

Twitch has been known to ban games that SJWs have rallied against online, including Hatred, which also caught their ire and was also briefly banned before Gabe Newell came to the rescue… literally.

  • SJWs have created a warpath against gaming, creating an inhabitable space for many developers. In fact, the developer of Rimworld was also assailed by SJWs over unfinished game code, netting him the label of being a “sexist”.
  • Koei Tecmo was attacked by SJWs on the grounds that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3‘s unreleased and unfinished VR mode was sexual assault.
  • SJWs got GTA V banned from some retailers in Australia.
  • SJWs attacked Tomb Raider for a rape scene that wasn’t even actually in the game.
  •  SJWs attacked Play-Asia for even allowing gamers to import Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, even after Koei Tecmo said that they weren’t releasing the game in the West due to SJWs.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

These same SJWs have been lying at major mainstream media and enthusiast press outlets for the past several years saying #GamerGate was a harassment campaign. Peer reviewed reports and an investigation by the FBI turned up nil, and nothing they had showed that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign. When presented with this evidence, the SJWs blocked people on social media and ignored the facts.

When YandereDev attempted to reach out to Twitch’s administrators to get the situation resolved… they ignored him and anyone else attempting to get answers.

YandereDev suggests possibly e-mailing Twitch but he doesn’t think it’s a very good decision. He also suggests broadcasters to talk about the issue, which might help get the game unbanned. Finally, he suggests that the bad publicity from the censorship issue just might get Twitch to at least address the issue.


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