Alpha’s Adventure, Adult Visual Novel Sees Players Building A Harem Across Fantasy Sci-Fi Worlds

In Alpha’s Adventure, players take on the role of a muscular, lesbian adventurer named “Alpha”, players will then attempt to build a lesbian harem across various worlds.

The game is being made by Onee-Sama Productions who are currently gathering funds to Kickstart Alpha’s Adventure and turn it into a reality. On the Kickstarter page the game has already garnered $14,400 as of the writing of this article, and is still trucking along with just over two weeks to go.

The page explains that players will be able to take on the role of Alpha and pursue four distinct heroines across four distinct fantasy worlds. Each world is designed to uniquely give gamers a different kind of story to experience as they attempt to build of harem of beautiful lesbians.

Alpha's Adventure

According to the Kickstarter description, they’re looking to offer gamers up to four through five hours of play time, with eight possible endings to unlock. They’ve also estimated their entire workload to include up to (and possibly more than) 40 different CG artwork scenarios.

You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video below to get an idea of what the artwork looks like and the kind of character interactions that Onee-Sama is going for.

Additionally, they’re looking for upvotes and favorites over on the Steam Greenlight page, where they’re attempting to get the game made available for Steam users.

They’re expecting to have the game ready to ship this upcoming September for PC. I wouldn’t be surprised if the visual novel gets modded to include some additional spicy scenes since the vanilla version of the game won’t be allowed to include any super risque, uncensored content on Steam. So far, only Ladykiller In A Bind was allowed to release on Steam and feature full-on penetration, an uncensored rape scene and oral sex.

So far there’s been quite a lot of positive feedback from the Greenlight community for Alpha’s Adventure, while some were tired of all the sexy-time visual novels coming to Steam.


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