Atelier Firis: The Alchemist And The Mysterious Journey Trailer Details Chain Combos, Sub-Weapons
Atelier Firis

Koei Tecmo recently released a new trailer for Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey. The trailer features a boss battle and how the combat system works.

The video starts by showing how special skills and items can be used during battle to weaken the boss. The turn-based combat highlights how classic JRPG tactics are required to beat down and overcome the bosses in the game.

You can check out the three minute video below.

Even in the simple JRPGs they still manage to include boob physics. It’s funny because a bunch of Western developers have been working hard to make boobs look as stiff and unappealing as possible in their new games, while the Japanese still appreciate the female form. Then again… Funcom still has a place for funbags and wind-blown bananas, so I suppose it’s not true to label all Western developers under the same brush.

Anyway, one of the things they reveal is that you can use main weapons and sub-weapons on enemies. Each sub-weapon contains additional skills that can be used to help diversify your attacks during battle.

The press release also explains how chain systems and special skills work, stating…

“By carefully combining their skills, Firis and friends can defeat enemies more swiftly! Chaining abilities fills the Linkage Gauge which ultimately leads to powerful Chain Burst attacks, where all party members get to interlink their moves to deal devastating attacks to their foes and result in impressive finishing blow!”

I think one of the things that also stands out with Japanese games is that they’re not afraid to keep their female characters feminine. Firis isn’t a man-hating, get-‘er-done, masculine badass. She’s a lighthearted adventurer with some powerful alchemy at her disposal, highlighting both her sense of discovery and willingness to face difficult challenges. Sadly, in a lot of Western games lead female characters oftentimes have to be portrayed as butch, snarky, butt-kickers, leading to a lot of archetype clones in games these days.

Anyway, Atelier Firis isn’t my kind of JRPG but if you’re into games that are bright, colorful and distinctly different from some of the more somber or depressing titles out there (like Final Fantasy XV) you can look to pick up a digital copy of the game for the PS4, PC or PS Vita in the West starting March 7th.

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