Black Desert Online’s Dark Knight Class Brings Sexy Back To Knighthood
Black Desert Online Dark Knight

Just when you thought boobplate was dead and bare midriffs were a thing for the history books of identity politics, South Korean developers like Pearl Abyss reminded most normal people that fantasy can still be sexy, and that’s exemplified with no better depiction than with the new Dark Knight class for the MMORPG, Black Desert Online.

The developers unveiled some new screenshots for the upcoming class, which is due to be added to the game as a free update along with the new region called Kamasylvia starting in March next month.

They showcased the equally dangerous and curvaceous Dark Knight class with the teaser trailer that you can check out below.

Unfortunately you don’t get to see much of the Dark Knight in the teaser, other than seeing the hypnotic swivel of the knight’s hips for a less than a few fleeting seconds as she walked… mostly off screen.

Thankfully, the teaser trailer did not arrive alone.

Pearl Abyss also released some 4K screenshots of the Dark Knight so gamers can get a full scope of every inch of her… armor. It’s also possible to appreciate the detail put into her rather intricately designed but visually titillating outfit. Check out the screenshots below.

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight
Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 2

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 3

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 4

If this game had a VR mode, cardiac arrests in young men would skyrocket by 1000%.

After seeing games like Mass Effect Andromeda and other upcoming titles from AAA developers it’s easy to forget that video games can still make women powerful and sexy, and that they don’t always have to look like men to be considered “acceptable”.

It’s a dying shame that it’s become taboo to praise both sexiness and physical prowess in women.

Anyway, you can waifu the crap out of your character when the Dark Knight class launches in March for Black Desert Online. For more information feel free to visit the official Black Desert Online website.


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