Black Desert Online’s Dark Knight Class Brings Sexy Back To Knighthood
Black Desert Online Dark Knight
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)

Just when you thought boobplate was dead and bare midriffs were a thing for the history books of identity politics, South Korean developers like Pearl Abyss reminded most normal people that fantasy can still be sexy, and that’s exemplified with no better depiction than with the new Dark Knight class for the MMORPG, Black Desert Online.

The developers unveiled some new screenshots for the upcoming class, which is due to be added to the game as a free update along with the new region called Kamasylvia starting in March next month.

They showcased the equally dangerous and curvaceous Dark Knight class with the teaser trailer that you can check out below.

Unfortunately you don’t get to see much of the Dark Knight in the teaser, other than seeing the hypnotic swivel of the knight’s hips for a less than a few fleeting seconds as she walked… mostly off screen.

Thankfully, the teaser trailer did not arrive alone.

Pearl Abyss also released some 4K screenshots of the Dark Knight so gamers can get a full scope of every inch of her… armor. It’s also possible to appreciate the detail put into her rather intricately designed but visually titillating outfit. Check out the screenshots below.

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight
Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 2

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 3

Black Desert Online - Dark Knight 4

If this game had a VR mode, cardiac arrests in young men would skyrocket by 1000%.

After seeing games like Mass Effect Andromeda and other upcoming titles from AAA developers it’s easy to forget that video games can still make women powerful and sexy, and that they don’t always have to look like men to be considered “acceptable”.

It’s a dying shame that it’s become taboo to praise both sexiness and physical prowess in women.

Anyway, you can waifu the crap out of your character when the Dark Knight class launches in March for Black Desert Online. For more information feel free to visit the official Black Desert Online website.

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  • Vindenso

    That game is true shit! The Costumes from the Cash-Shop are not even a penny worth, because so much clipping. BAD GAME!

    • Get the nude mods. You won’t have to worry about clipping. 😉

  • Alistair

    In a video game, you dont expect the game to mimic real life all the time example wear body armor etc etc to kick arse.

    How about cindy from FF15, In real life you wear dirty overalls, it doesn’t Matter in a video game.

    That thumbnail she could be nude and she still kick arse.

    • Recently had an long drawn-out argument with an SJW/female gamer regarding the FFXV Cindy issue on Disqus on another alternative gaming site.

      She whined about Cindy not being acceptable because she wasn’t dressed “appropriately” and “realistically” for a mechanic.

      Yet at the same time, she admitted she drooled over Gladiolus and had no problems with his shirt open, showing his abs and pecs. Funny that, because I cannot think of any real life professional bodyguards for Obama or Trump walking around with their shirt open.

      SJWs/feminists are certainly selective on where they apply their “realism”.

  • Disqusted

    On one hand, this reminds me of how obsessed South Korea is with physical appearance. Particularly reminds me of these articles:

    On the other hand, if people had the option, why wouldn’t anyone want to be beautiful? SJWs seem to promote obesity instead.

    I think those two sides are extremes, but the sexy side is probably better and healthier, as long as you don’t let it screw with your expectations of reality. The SJW side obviously leads depravity, delusion and bad health.

    • The article makes a good point about America being hypocritical about beauty standards, though.

      Make-up and body care are advertised as “love the skin you’re in” while at the same time showing a model with perfect skin. Marketing focus group testing shows that people obviously respond better when the models look near perfect, which is why they use them and not “average” people. Who wants to pay premium prices for products that make you look “average”?

      In America there’s a constant reminder that weight, looks and beauty don’t matter; it’s what’s inside that counts… except when it’s time to spend money.

      • Disqusted

        Yeah, America is filled with inconsistent hypocrisy. People get upset if a girl shows her body, but at the same time they have porn and sexy girl stuff everywhere, etc. Then there’s liberal stuff, which is on another level. Preach peace then kill people, etc. And the mainstream media and game industry acting like they have higher moral ground, while being corrupt as shit.

        I dunno about anyone else but I am so sick of seeing obvious photoshops everywhere. I always wonder what the original pictures looked like before photoshopping.

        Also sick of marketing tactics and tricks to get people to spend money. Just turns me off immediately.

        • Alistair

          Isn’t it funny that the media outlets are on a guilt trip, making gamers feel arkward.

          Its like 24/7 each day they preach. That is boring as hell. Is the reason i given up watching the TV and reading papers.

          There noting arkward about playing video games.

      • Alistair

        You should watch babestation they dont wear make up. And not wear much too.

        I said i dont pay my tv license no more, but i do miss that station lol :p

        • They probably don’t know what Babestation is. Also, dude, come on… they don’t wear make-up? LOL… they’ve got tons of make-up piled on bro.

          Still, it’s good they haven’t gone after EVERY avenue that the average dude enjoys. South Korea may be cucked but they still have a sense of honor to keep their in-game ladies beautiful. Japan seems to be struggling right now.

          I don’t know what’s up with the U.K. What’s the last big thing game to come out of the U.K.? I can only think of GTA V and No Man’s Sh*t.

    • And I still think that if you can dress like that and still kick ass,
      you must be way more powerful than anyone who needs full armor to
      protect themselves.

      b-but it doesn’t protect her whole body

  • Ghost

    I haven’t heard anything good about BDO in the last several months. Everyone says it’s gone pay2win. I hope that’s not the case.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Made a start on this game with a few mates last week. It actually plays like a proper game and not your usual mmo dredge.

    • Ghost

      I’m going to do the free week despite the negative things I’ve heard. That chick is hawt.

    • Disqusted

      So tired I misread “mmo dredge” as “mmo doge”.

  • Once again, it’s an Asian-based developer/artist that has the guts to create sexy female characters.

    Still no sign of any Western developers with balls to do this.

    But of course, the SJW games media and their mob of feminists say it’s NOT censorship if the developers censor edit their own work despite the endless whining, crying and shaming to fear-monger them into censoring their own work.

    • Disqusted

      Most Western devs would prob just pump out a man with breasts, as usual.

  • Lord Vector

    Wow she looks gorgeous! It always makes me sad when I see games like Terra, Blade & Soul and this game because I just don’t have an interest in MMOs but I love the character design. I wish single player game designers would put forth the effort and give us characters like those available in MMOs.

    • We used to get characters like this in games… before 2012 and the great purge of creativity at the hands of SocJus.

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, it always makes me sad when I see games like Tera, Blade & Soul where the characters look great, but the game itself is not. In fact, the main reason I play MMOs is for the character creation.

      And before anyone argues otherwise, I tried Tera and it just felt like Aion with a crosshair, and I played through all the available endgame content of Blade & Soul at the time. Group dungeons put me to sleep. Most classes relied heavily on latency, which isn’t a problem in offline.