Blitz Angel Spica, Erotic Beat-‘Em-Up Seeks Votes On Greenlight
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Beat-’em-up games are already a rarity. We haven’t really had too many notable games in the genre that recently that holds up as a new-age classic, unless you count Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Anyway, some indie developers have been attempting to put their own spin on the beat-’em-up genre, including making an erotic take from indie dev EroBotan who is working on Blitz Angel Spica.

EroBotan previously made the game Princess Edge, which ended up getting attacked by certain members of the Steam Greenlight community for the scantily clad main character. After garnering up a few forces to push back against the people who didn’t want the game on Steam, Princess Edge managed to release in full.

Well, unsurprisingly there’s still some opposition to Blitz Angel Spica due to a few instances where the heroine – a magical girl whose design was inspired by Beat Angel Escalayer – ends up in some sexually suggestive peril. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Some gamers were fine with the combat and animations, others were angered that a tentacle monster was having its way with the character during the vore sequence.

One person stated that he should have been thinking about the children.

Blitz Angel Spica will feature seven different boss fights, original Japanese voice acting, a dating mechanic to level up Spica’s fighting power, and the ability to upgrade and purchase new powers for the heroine.

Games like this are always walking a fine line given the kind of content they have and the audience they cater toward. While the Steam version will be 15+ as far as age ratings are concerned, there is also an uncensored version that has been made available on DLSite and Nutaku, for those who are interested.

However, if you want a game where the tentacle abuse is tame enough for you to sit down and experience it with your mom and pop, you can attempt to upvote Blitz Angel Spica on Steam Greenlight.

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  • Alistair

    Hmm EroBotan sounds familiar, didn’t knew he was a indie dev.

    Wish the game well and have lots of sells, you know you make a great game if it provoke anger from some people.

  • Disqusted

    I used to like beat’em ups, but I always got bored of them pretty quickly. A friend called them “room cleaners” because of how you have to clear a room of enemies to progress.

    I suspect that what makes them extra boring is they’re usually repetitive, kinda one-sided, and often not much of a challenge, like Musou games. I think if beat’em ups had more interesting blow by blow exchanges between players and opponents, they might be more fun.

    That reminds me, a friend recently told me of a weird beat’em up:,459279/
    I was surprised by some of the stuff you can do in the game, like spin around enemy’s necks while dragging them around the screen.

    • Never heard of that game.

      I still occasionally play Streets of Rage Remake when I have time, and I thought Vendetta was awesome without getting too repetitive just because the mechanics were diverse enough to keep things feeling fresh, same thing with Super Double Dragon. I think a lot of it — just like with any genre — boils down to how diverse and deep the mechanics are. The more you can do the more replayability you get out of the game and the less repetitive it feels.