Blizzard, Harmonix Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban; Ignores Refugees Raping Women

Blizzard Tracer Slain

Various companies have come out in opposition to President Donald Trump and his executive order limiting Muslim refugees from entering into America for 90 days. Blizzard and Harmonix joined in on the fray in their own way.

Acccording to Venture Beat Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime sent out on an e-mail saying…

“The executive order strikes an incredibly sharp contrast with the values on which our company was founded. We are, and will always be, a company that strives for inclusion, embraces diversity, and treats one another with respect. This is the very foundation of what makes not just our company — but America — great, which is why I am so troubled by these actions. Regardless of where you are from or what your religious beliefs are, our strength is in our diversity.” also reported that Harmonix issued statements as well, writing on social media…

“We strongly believe that the best of Harmonix flows from a diverse set of perspectives held by talented individuals spanning many ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and religious beliefs. The strength and wisdom derived from diversity and inclusiveness have made us who we are.


“We stand together in opposition to the President’s immigration bans and anything which runs contrary to our core values.”

What the media has refused to report on is that most normal people who are informed about the matter aren’t terribly distraught over the 90 day mandate to prevent Muslim refugees from these seven countries into the United States. Said countries include: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

A lot of this political posturing from video game companies is more cringe-worthy and actually misogynist than you actually know. No one has made any comments about solidarity for the victims, or attempting to find solutions to the refugee crisis, as opposed to just opening up borders and putting a lot of innocent people in harm’s way due to a lack of vetting. Instead, game developers are interested in virtue signaling.

For instance, the Syrian Muslim refugees back on 2015’s New Year’s eve in Cologne, Germany had reportedly sexually assaulted 500 women, as reported by Express UK.

That number over time has been skyrocketing as more investigations have revealed that 2,000 refugees reportedly assaulted more than 1,200 German women as part of a rape ritual, as noted by The Washington Post.
Overwatch Body Pile

These reports were originally suppressed by the media when they initially happened in fear of inciting “Islamophobia”. In fact, Vice penned a piece back in January of 2016 defending the refugees and attempting to victim blame, claiming that only two rape cases were actually filed and that no mass assaults, especially sexual, were committed by Muslim refugees.

However, in June of 2016, Armstrong Economics revealed that the word “rape” was allegedly removed from assault reports to lessen the appearance of mass sexual violence taking place, writing…

“Only after reports hit the internet (we even had clients contacting us) did the truth begin to surface. Then the police were told to remove the word “RAPE” from all reports on the Cologne attacks. Then, Police Chief Wolfgang Albers, age 60, was fired after criticism of the police’s lack of involvement during the incident.”

Furthermore, a site called Jihad Watch also reported that refugees captured and gang-raped a Swedish woman, broadcasting the heinous act live on Facebook. This proceeded another report of a gang rape at the hands of Muslim refugees, as noted by the Daily Mail, this time taking place in Germany… again.

Again, the media attempted to suppress the seriousness of the reports, and many of those who claimed to be feminist were silent on the matter.

The Independent also reported that even disabled women weren’t safe, as a Swedish woman in a wheelchair was also gang-raped by refugees. Once again, the police and media attempted to suppress the news, where they stated…

“Swedish police have not provided any details about the suspects and removed a post on Facebook about the alleged incident after citing “bad language” in the responses.”

It wasn’t even just women being gang raped by refugees… some young boys are being raped as well, as reported by RT, which also added the disturbing caveat…

“ In the face of claims that the wave of asylum seekers – 163,000 applied to stay in Sweden last year – is responsible for an uptick in sexual assault crime, police specifically avoid keeping statistics of the ethnicity or citizenship of criminals, so the scale of the problem is unknown, despite several high-profile cases.”

All of these reports have been coming in within the last year after certain countries opened up their borders to migrant refugees.

For certain gaming companies to be so pro-diverse and pro-woman, a lot of people sure don’t seem to mind women being savagely gang-raped by migrants. In fact, this actual rape culture perpetrated by Muslims hasn’t been aired out very much by the media at all, only showing glimpses of coverage here and there, and mostly being buried under a lot of misinformation and “fake news”.

However, the real question is: would Blizzard, Harmonix and other game studios still oppose the ban if refugees gang-raped them or someone they knew?

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