Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Rave In The Redwoods Zombie Walkthrough
CoD Infinite Warfare Rave in the Redwoods

Infinity Ward and Activision let loose the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare called Sabotage. There’s a brand new zombies map included called Rave in the Redwoods. As usual, the map is rife with all sorts of hidden goodies, specials and secrets. If you need help completing the main Easter Egg challenges, unlocking the Wonder Weapon and accessing the Slasher’s buzzsaw, this walkthrough guide will help you out.

So basically, you’ll need to complete some core steps before you can access some of the good stuff in the game. Starting with the most important thing, you’ll likely want to get the power generator on and grab the Pack-a-Punch machine access.

How To Activate The Pack-A-Punch

So you need to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine? Well, YouTuber CodenamePizza offers you how to access the machine.

So first up, you’ll need to feed the Pack-a-Punch machine power. In order to do so you’ll need to flip a single switch, which is located underneath the spawn route.

You’ll need to head to your left once you come out of the Bear Lodge spawn route, and proceed through the mess hall area and then through the camper cabins and finally to the old cave mines, as indicated in the image below.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Rave in the Redwoods - Power Switch Map

Head through the area where there’s a giant glowing flame and move through the room where the zombie is on the spinning wheel. Don’t mess with the zombie. Head to the wall straight in front of you and hold down Square to turn on the generator and restore the power (that’s ‘X’ on Xbox controllers).

Before you can access the Pack-a-Punch machine you’ll need to utilize the boat, and before you can utilize the boat you’ll need three parts to restore it. You’ll find the first part of the boat inside of the Mess Hall, which is just left to the Bear Lodge spawn point.

The second part is located on the second floor of the Bear Lodge. You’ll be able to access the room after you turn on the power down in the cave. Inside the upstairs rom you’ll find the part lying around near the shelves.

The third and last part is in the recreation area on the opposite side of the cave. You’ll see it marked in the image below.

The third part is located on the right side of the rave party near the speaker setup by a stand.

Head down to the docks and repair the boat. Proceed to Turtle Island.

You’ll also need to retrieve two film reels. The first film reel is located on the right docks off White Tar Beach. The reel is just on the side near the back of the boat house at the far edge of the docks.

The second reel is on Turtle Island by the oven just outside the cabin by the campfire.

Place both the reels onto the projector and then open the portal and then head through the portal to Pack-a-Punch your weapons.

How To Complete The Main Easter Egg

Now after you do the Pack-a-Punch and you finish the boat challenge, inside the cabin with the portal to the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll find movie actor and director, Kevin Smith. Talk to Kevin Smith by holding down Square or by holding down ‘X’ if you’re on Xbox.

Zipline back to the mains pawn area and go to the burning man statue in the recreation area of the rave and you’ll find a picture on the ground near the back of the statue.

Take the picture to the large bonfire with the eagle statue and activate the ritual. Get kills near the area to collect souls. The souls collected only count if you shoot off the arms of the zombies.

If you’re successful a glowing orb will drop. Pick up the orb and a Slasher will spawn. You can’t kill the Slasher in Rave Mode, so wait for Rave Mode to fade off and then kill the Slasher. Pick up the picture and head back to Kevin Smith in the cabin.

Head into the tough enough rec room and there’s a second picture for the ritual.

Head back to the rave area and start the ritual. You’ll need to shoot off the zombies’ legs to charge the souls.

Once you complete the task an orb will drop; grab the orb, grab the picture and head back to Kevin Smith to talk to him once you’ve completed the task.

Head down into the cave area and there’s a skull in a floor indention with some bloody bones by the zombie on the pinwheel. Grab the skull.

You’ll need to complete the next ritual, which requires going out by the docks near the lack area. There’s a part where you can start up the ritual by placing the skull down on the ground.

This particular ritual requires charging up the skull by getting headshots. The orb will drop and another Slasher will spawn. Kill the Slasher and retrieve the skull. Head back down into the power room where the emergency lights are.

If you’re playing solo activate the button as the yellow light flashes on. In multiplayer have each person stand by the light and activate the buttons at the same time when the lights flash yellow.

Kevin Smith should give you a heads-up that you’ve successfully completed the challenge.

Once you complete that step a giant boss fight will take place when you get onto the boat that takes you to Turtle Island.

Keep in mind that there is a max ammo perk that spawns by the steps near the cabin. The max ammo perk will respawn, so everyone should be able to get one.

The Slasher boss will need to be defeated using various steps. In the first phase, you’ll need to move the glowing lights up into the sky by feeding zombie souls into the orbs around Turtle Island. Keep feeding the orbs until they disappear and a ritual circle appears.

Lead the Slasher into the ritual circle and a part of his body will glow red. Once it glows red shoot the red glowing part of his body and Rave Mode will end. Now you can begin doing real damage to the Slasher boss.

Shoot the sigils off the slasher.

Grab the green relic and a green safety zone will appear on the ground. Run into the green circle and wait for the Slasher to destroy one of the dreamcatchers at the top of the cabin area. Rinse and repeat phase one through four until all the dreamcatchers are destroyed and then finish off the Slasher and grab the soul key to trigger the ending cutscene for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s Rave in the Redwoods.

How To Unlock The Vlad Crossbow Wonder Weapon

One of the Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Rave in the Redwoods map is the crossbow. If you want to get your hands on it, YouTuber Glitching Queen offers a quick two and a half minute tutorial showcasing how you can acquire it. Check it out below.

So first up, after you activate the Pack-a-Punch machine, inside the cabin with the projector, there’s a small bathroom and a bucket with three sausages inside. Grab a sausage and then zipline back to the main area.

Next up, activate rave mode and picking up a backpack from a zombie and throwing it into the fire. While in rave mode, head into the cabin with the deer head mounted on the wall and throw one of the hotdog/sausages into its mouth.

The deer head will fall off the wall; shoot the head and pick up the symbol.

Head to the main spawn location and there’s another deer head mounted on the wall; rinse and repeat throwing the sausage/hotdog at the deer and then shoot and kill the deer once it starts flying off the wall. Grab the symbol that drops onto the floor.

Ensure that the rave mode is still activated and then head to the camper cabins and inside one of the cabins, slightly near the middle, you’ll find another deer head. Feed it, shoot it, and grab the symbol.

Head back to the Bear Lodge spawn point and then break the lock on the cabinet with the crossbows.

You can’t Pack-a-Punch the Vlad but you can upgrade it.

How To Upgrade The Crossbow Wonder Weapons

Okay, so now that you have the crossbow in hand, you really want to make it as powerful as it can possible be. Well, you’ll need a separate series of steps to complete in order to amp up its power.

Thankfully, YouTuber GRIZZombies has a sexy guide available showing you each and every step you can take to upgrade the wonder weapon.

There are four different effects you can apply to the crossbows, depending on what you’re looking for.

The first step is to obtain four different trophy statues. There are six different areas where you can acquire the statues, One of the statues is located near the stack of boats by the docks. Another statue is near the Bomb Stoppers. Another is outside of the Bear Lake Cabins by the picnic tables. Another is inside the speaker area inside of the trailer at the rave grounds.

Place the four trophies on top of the four speakers at the rave area.

Lure about 20 zombies to the rave area and use the speakers to kill the zombies. Pick the trophies back up (if it doesn’t work just lure more zombies there again and repeat the process until you can retrieve the trophies/statues).

Killing the zombies with the speakers charges up the trophies, identical to other challenges and tasks in other Call of Duty zombie maps.

You’ll then need to place the statues at the feet of animals around the camp grounds. You’ll find a large deer statue near the docks, and you can place the statue there. There’s another statue leading up the stairs toward the cabins; place a statue there. There’s an eagle statue at the big bonfire near the spawn. There are also two statues at the Bear Lake cabins where you can place down the trophies.

You’ll need to get crossbow kills near the statues so you can charge up the trophies. Keep getting kills until the the statue changes colors. Once the statue is full you can then pick up the statue and it will automatically upgrade the crossbow Wonder Weapon. He also suggests using BombStoppers to help with the upgrading process.

How To Get The Smiley Buzzsaw

In Rave Mode there are Slashers you’ll face off against who are basically invincible. Only one weapon can stop them: the Smiley Buzzsaw.

In order to get the chainsaw you’ll need to have completed the Pack-a-Punch challenge so the island access and Pack-a-Punch machine are accessible. You’ll also need to have completed the main Easter Egg challenge and defeat the boss. YouTuber jedixking98 shows you how to further get your hands on the Smiley saw, check it out below.

So once you beat the main boss, head back down into the basement under the spawn room where the zombie is attached to the pinwheel. You’ll notice that there’s now a saw hanging on the rack called the “Smiley”. You can hold down Square (or ‘X’ if you’re playing on Xbox) to retrieve the saw.

You can use the saw to kill the slasher.

The Smiley Buzzsaw cannot be upgraded through the Pack-a-Punch machine.

How To Play As Kevin Smith

After you defeat the main Slasher boss and complete the Rave in the Redwoods main Easter Egg, you’ll need to head to the cabin where Kevin Smith is located and throw a pouch into the fire.

Head over to the toilet inside the cabin while in Rave Mode.

Inside the bathroom stall right back the toilet is a code: Right, Left, Left, Down, Down, Right

Head back to the lobby screen of Rave in the Redwoods and input the code above at the lobby menu screen. If you did it correctly a Kevin Smith icon will appear at the bottom of the screen.

When you enter into the game you’ll be playing as Kevin Smith.


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