Chaosrise Combines Bullet-Hell Gameplay With H-Scenes
(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)

Multiworld Software recently released Chaosrise onto various digital distribution outlets. The uncensored title is obviously way too much for Steam because despite being a standard bullet-hell shooter, it also contains some extremely raunchy H-scenes when players get hit and eventually lose.

The game sees players taking on the roles of either Aria or Noire, two female protagonists who end up traveling to a mysterious world where the inhabitants are lusty villains willing to fill up Aria and Noire with their untamed desires.

Chaosrise sports 32 CG scenes, language support for English and Japanese text, three different difficulty settings, seven different stages and 11 boss fights. There’s a video of the game in action, however be warned that the trailer is very, very NSFW

As you can see, one of the core components of Chaosrise is that as the heroines take damage they lose their clothing, just until they’re down to nothing. The combat itself is typical bullet-hell style where enemy fire is flying all over the screen from every which way. In order to come up to par and overcome some of these standards, players can actually upgrade the two heroines with additional abilities in order to progress through the game much easier. You can also collect power-ups and unleash devastating attacks against enemies.

If the game ever was made available on Steam the entire damage system would have to be reworked, and a whole bunch of the CG scenes would also have to be removed.

I’m a little surprised Nutaku didn’t try to land this game on their outlet. Nevertheless, Chaosrise is available over on MangaGamer and on both the English DLSite and Japanese DLSite.

Chaosrise is available for $11, but if you’re really not sure if the game is worth the price of admission, you can try out a free demo over on the official website.

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