Check Out Over 20 Minutes Of The Nintendo Switch Unboxing And UI Screen

One of the latest consoles set to hit the gaming market comes from the Big N itself, or Nintendo in laymen terms. Two new videos surfaced showing how to unbox the device and what the UI screen looks like. The Nintendo Switch is set to launch officially on March 3rd.

As of this moment the console seems to be bringing in a mixed crowd, but the real question is how many people are actually considering buying the device to move units well after its release? While we wait to see how the upcoming console fairs after March 3rd, two videos come in by content creating channel GameXplain.

The YouTubers, or whatever you’d like to call them, take to the boxed machine and unveil all of its hardware right onscreen for fans, haters and fence sitters alike.

The first video only shows the console in its turned-off state due to the video being an unboxing video. This means all accessories and applicable components are visible for the eye to see, and each part is followed up with an explanation as to what it does.

You can check out the first video by GameXplain, that is if you are curious, which the video covers the Nintendo Switch and all of its accessories.

The follow up video to the one shown above walks in the same path taking, folks on an UI Nintendo Switch tour. The video itself covers a lot of UI options and even provides viewers a sneak peek at the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s splash screen.

You can watch the second video below, thanks to GameXplain.

Personally I’m not all that thrilled by the console as of now. To clarify my stance on the Switch, I don’t hate it nor am I hyped for its arrival. With that said, I am curious to see what will go down when it releases next week.

But enough of my opinion and on with yours, are you excited for the Nintendo Switch and its announced and soon to be announced games? if so, sound off.

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