ChronoClock, Mature Themed Time-Traveling VN Launches Feb 28th

Sekai Project, Purple Software and Denpasoft Studios have all collaborated together along with Nutaku to launch the mature-themed, time-traveling visual novel called ChronoClock.

Nutaku announced that the game is set to launch on February 28th next week. The story follows Rei Sawatari who ends up receiving a magical pocket watch from his grandfather that allows him to rewind time by five minutes.

Rei devises a unique plot with the watch: to find out which one of the girls in school has true feelings for him. He decides to make a list and ask the girls about how they feel, and if things don’t turn out well he just rewinds time.

However, things take a disturbing twist when one student commits suicide one day at school. Rei decides to rewind time and find out what happens. He discovers a startling situation involving another student and decides to use his pocket watch to help out.

The game mixes in romantic dramedy into a time-manipulating tale about a coming of age story involving Rei and his school crushes. You can check out a trailer for the ChronoClock VN below.

The visual novel features up to 30 hours of play, along with multiple routes and alternate endings based on decisions players make throughout the journey.

There’s also full Japanese voice acting (no dubs, only pure subs), along with lots of evocative and highly detailed Japanese CG artwork.

While a lot of visual novels are launching on Steam censored and butchered, some of them have decided to actually reach their intended audience by allowing Nutaku users to get their hands on the fully uncensored version of the visual novel.

Now that Sekai has partnered with Nutaku, VN fans can expect to see more high-quality novels making their way from Japan to the West in their full uncensored format, and you don’t have to worry about SJWs trying to get the game pulled or banned or censored.

If ChronoClock seems like an interesting visual novel, you can keep an eye out for its launch on February 28th next week for $40. You can check out the not safe for work Nutaku page to learn more about the upcoming title.

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