CM Punk Returns To WWE 2K17 As An Epic Superstar Mod
WWE 2K17

Back in 2011, known as the Summer of Punk, WWE’s hottest commodity was an enraged, embittered and impassioned Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. The 2011 summer was piping hot due to a shoot-like pipe bomb CM Punk laid on the WWE universe, changing the tide of how viewers consumed the product. Dirty laundry was aired and backstage politics was laid bare. This turned CM Punk from just another WWE superstar into the WWE superstar. Well, despite CM Punk claiming his hate for wrestling and its politics, fans in the WWE 2K17 community haven’t given up on the ex-WWE star who is now a UFC loser.

Modders have managed to recreate CM Punk from 2011, complete with his Money in the Bank entrance that set the arena on fire with a huge pop. The mod makes it where CM Punk is a completely separate superstar with his own profile. You no longer have to replace anyone on the WWE 2K17 roster to get the mod to work.

YouTuber MrBigShow posted up the video featuring CM Punk with a cool entrance set to “Cult of Personality”. You can check out the mod in action in WWE 2K17 on PC below.


AJ Styles would never let CM Punk pull off the GTS like that.

Anyway, for some odd reason the IWC simply can’t let CM Punk go. His name is still chanted across arenas around the world. Fans still tune in with the hopes of seeing him show up one day. You’ll find fantasy booking comments all across YouTube with people talking about how big a pop the audience would give if CM Punk showed up at a future Royal Rumble event.

The whole thing is pretty ridiculous considering that CM Punk has had nothing but enmity for the WWE and the pro wrestling business since walking away back in 2014. Anyway, you can now live out the fantasy of CM Punk being in the WWE and going against superstars like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger.

You can download the 186MB mod right now for the PC version of WWE 2K17 from over on the Mediafire website.

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