Conan Exiles Denuvo DRM Crack Arrives Online As 21GB Download
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2017)

Funcom managed to get on the bad side of gamers when it was revealed that Conan Exiles uses Denuvo DRM. The digital rights management ended up hampering some of the expectations of the MMO survival title, but as usual, the cracking squad was already working hard to rectify the problem.

DSO Gaming is reporting that a DRM-free version of Conan Exiles has arrived online as a cracked version of the Early Access edition that launched at the end of January.

This is no joke, there really is a legitimate cracked version of Conan Exiles out there. The download is available right now and it clocks in at 21GB. You simply download the torrent, install the game and then copy over the cracked file into the main game directory and start playing.

The title has actually been quite popular so far, managing to nab more than 171,000 downloads over the course of a couple of days since releasing, according to Steam Spy.

The objective of the game centers around creating a character with jiggly boobs or a dangling dong and then collecting resources from around the surrounding regions. You build up your house, capture some slaves and then dominate and rule the land.

The emergent sandbox gameplay has made it very popular in the survival sub-genre, while the MMO aspects has managed to lure in people looking for a more hardcore MMO that doesn’t hand-hold you.

It’s odd that Funcom would opt to include Denuvo DRM because it’s only going to force some people to purposefully seek out a DRM-free crack. In this case, it’s a 21GB crack, but a crack nonetheless. It’s packed into a zip file, o you’ll need at the very least 42GB free if you plan on using a “raging river” to gain access to the file.

You can currently purchase Conan Exiles for $29.99 over on the Steam store as it moves through the Early Access phase.

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  • durka durka

    So they made a 21gb drm removal so you can buy a always online game and play it with a anti drm crack.

    Wtf is wrong with the games industry?

  • Kyle Haddad

    Hopefully The game will remove denuvo as a result and get a refund as a result. I really wanted to play this game, But denuvo kinda repulsed me.

    Thing is, I elect not to pirate games. So I wouldn’t even pirate it. Just not worth the effort.

    • Religion is Cancer

      So let me get this straight. You really wanted to get this game but Denuvo was the deal breaker because you don’t want to fork over the cash to support DRM laden games. However! Now that there’s a version out that is not only free but lacks the DRM that was seemingly the sole reason you didn’t buy the game in the first place but now your reasoning is that it’s not worth the effort?

      I call bullshit. That makes ZERO sense.

  • Richard

    According to the Steam page for Resident Evil 7, it is also using Denuvo.

    • Kyle Haddad

      yeah and that got cracked in about 5 days. when that one team said that some games might be uncrackable in the future? I said to my self they are either A. Not talented enough, Or B. Saw an out and took it.

  • ItEotWaWKI

    A. I just do not get why anyone would shove that kind of DRM into an MMO. Whatever account-tied-to-key system that’s used is all that’s required with online games.

    B. This hurts Denuvo FAR more than it hurts FunCom as the crack arrived within the refund period. Something I personally love seeing given the “You need to activate the game again” headaches Doom gave me after every overclock tweak, game patch, and driver update. Fuck Denuvo. Hope everyone involved in it’s creation is out of a job in the near future.

    P.S. Still hoping that, since iD removed Denuvo, it means a Linux version is incoming. Game’s built on OpenGL and, even better, Vulkan, so it’s already platform agnostic. As far as I’m aware, Denuvo was the only thing locking it down to Windows.

  • FlamingoJet

    So, it’s official Denuvo is dead?