Conan Exiles Official Servers Go Kaput As They Seek Out New Server Host
Conan Exiles

It’s rare a game is so popular that it exceeds expectations and the server host can’t keep up with demand. That’s exactly what happened with Funcom’s Conan Exiles, which recently entered into Steam Early Access at the end of January. They’ve already managed to accrue more than 240,000 players and now they’re looking for a new server host after PingPerfect failed to satisfy their needs.

Like a bad Tinder date where someone forgot the almighty combo of Cialis and the Durex, Funcom had to end their relationship with PingPerfect early due to them just not being prepared to fulfill their duties and meet the insatiable demands put upon them.

Gamers, however, have come up to the necessary standards to overcome the hurdles that PingPerfect were too inadequate to deal with. According to Blues, Funcom had to make an official announcement over on their official Steam page to inform gamers that the reason only unofficial servers exist is because PingPerfect had flaccid hardware that couldn’t keep up with the rigorous amount of work required to keep gamers fulfilled. Out of the 7700 servers running Conan Exiles, only 200 were hosted officially by Funcom… and now they’re not.

So what does this mean for players? Well, Funcom explains…

“Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming demand for servers and our needs for administrating them, our official partner has been unable to deliver the level of quality and service we require. Because of this we have mutually agreed to end the partnership. We are in the process of finding new partners with the ideal hardware we can move the existing game databases to. However, due to the high demand for Conan Exiles servers, many hosting companies are simply out of the hardware that we need and as such this process might take a few days.”

There is some good news, however. They do have backups of the character data and world data and plan on re-implementing all of the stored data when they finally get the official servers back up and running again.

They’ve also had to modify the 25% discount on the Barbarian Edition, since the provider of that particular edition have run out of stock.

I guess the Conan property is still popular after all?

Although, a large part of that could be attributed to the game’s blatantly uncensored use of nudity to lure in a lot of gamers who don’t mind swinging around their club and balls. Conan Exiles is available right now in Early Access.


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