Criminal Girls: Invite Only Nude Mods Now Available
Criminal Girls: Invite Only Nude

Fixing the censorship in Criminal Girls: Invite Only was only the first step that modders were willing to take in modifying NIS America’s port of the game to Steam. The next step was upgrading the experience to reflect the natural evolution of what happens when games are finally cracked and modders get to go wild with their imagination: nude mods.

Sankaku Complex is reporting that the CG art for the PC version of Criminal Girls: Invite Only has undergone some slight alterations in order to better reflect the sensibilities of the community.

There’s an example of the mod in action that you can view below. The uncensored version is available by clicking through the image. Obviously, it’s NSFW.

You can download the mod right now at your own risk from the Discord App.

It was pretty obvious that modders would eventually take this step toward the content of Criminal Girls, given that simply removing the fog and restoring the voices wasn’t going to be good enough for some people.

Now there is art to truly reflect the lewdness of NIS’ game.

Originally NIS America launched the title with a number of censorship changes in order to appease the ESRB, or so they claimed.

For Criminal Girls 2 the localizers took things a step further by altering the art and sound and thematic elements in order to make the game’s content portray more consensual themes and tones as opposed to the BDSM elements present in the original Japanese release.

I don’t know if the nude mod will change around the perspective of people who thumbs downed the game on the Steam store following its initial release, but at this juncture at least the modders have not only removed any of the remaining censorship but have gone on and crossed that next step into offering actual nudity.

You can grab Criminal Girls: Invite Only right now from over on the Steam store for $19.99.

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