Cubeus, Circuit-based Cube Puzzle Game Seeks Greenlight votes
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

Elephas Studio has submitted their circuit-based puzzle game titled, Cubeus, onto Steam Greenlight. The objective of the game is to rotate the six-sided cube to navigate the stage and solve puzzles.

You play as an intelligent Cube that can move and interact with the world by rolling around. Each side of the cube has a color attached to it, and you will use these colors to interact with the circuit nodes around the stage. If you touch the right color to the correct node, you could activate a moving platform, turn on a teleporter, or raise and lower walls so that you can access new areas. The trick, however, is rotating and strategically moving the cube so that it lands on the right side to interact with the node in the way you want it to.

One Steam user said the gameplay system seemed a bit confusing and asked how the player could know which color was on which side. So when the developers were asked about the color system and how it works, the game designers posted on the Steam Greenlight Comments section to explain the system in more detail, saying in the quote below-

[…] The issue had been considered while we were designing the gameplay.


1st, the cube has a universal design, there are clear rules for how each core of the 6 colors being connected to its next one. For example, the relative direction of how the red one connects to the orange one is the same with orange and yellow, yellow and green, and so on….Furthermore, each color has a complimentary one sits on the opposite side. For example, when you see red on one side, you know green is on the other, so as blue and orange, purple and yellow.


2nd, there is a function button that can turn the cube transparent for a limited time, when you need it, it’s there.


3nd, there are occasions the cube will turn transparent automatically, to make it easier.

The developers say there are three tile node types, Energy, Physics, and Function, and by placing these different tiles within the levels it has given them endless possibilities for puzzles and stage designs. The developers also put together a gameplay teaser trailer to showcase how the actual cube circuit system works, and a few examples of how the puzzles are set up. Take a look at the video linked below.

Cubeus is scheduled for a February 2017 release date, so you can expect it to launch before the month is out. As you can see from the gameplay trailer video, Cubeus also has a mobile interface which means that Cubeus will release for mobile devices as well so that you can play while on the go.

If you would like to support the developers you can vote on Steam Greenlight to help get the game onto steam.

For further information and details, you can also check out their official website to learn more.

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