Derail Valley, VR Game Set To Hit Steam Q2 This Year

If you are into VR games and like trains, there is a new game in development by Altfuture that discovers the job of a train operator and what it takes to handle a train in dangerous terrain in first-person. The VR game, Derail Valley, is set to release in Q2 of this year and will be for PC.

There’s no doubt that farming, truck and train simulators bring in quite a bit of players and mods. This can be seen in a bevy amount of simulator games and their existing player base coming back for more and more with each new game. According to the traction that Derail Valley is pulling in as of this moment I think that this game is no exception to the growing list of popular vehicular sims.

A feature to add on to the immersion of a simulator in Derail Valley is VR. I’m sure a lot of players looking to use their VR set and mess around with train physics will be glad to see this game, which the official description sitting below is up for you to read.

“You can drive a train with your own hands! Derail Valley lets you move freely in the cab, being embraced by nature and then derailing off a cliff. It is designed right from the start for VR in terms of optimizations, controls and UI.”

If the description sounds like something that you could get behind, a video showing the game in its Alpha stage is up for you to watch. The video was recently posted up by Altfuture and shows in-game footage.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed a lot of pop-in trees and stuff when watching the video, right? Well that issue will be fixed on release as noted by the dev on the video’s comment section, which is said to be a top priority.

Derail Valley is set to come out Q2 of this year for PC via Steam Early Access. For more info on this game you can hit up

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