DiRT Rally PlayStation VR Update Available For $12.99
PSVR - DiRT Rally

If you’ve been feeling the pinch when it comes to justifying using your PlayStation VR because they just isn’t a lot of worthwhile software in the nubile and numerically thin library of Sony’s new VR headset, Codemasters is attempting remedy that situation by adding one extra game to the stash.

Codemasters announced that over the weekend DiRT Rally became available as a PlayStation VR compatible title. A handful of screenshots were released that actually looked pretty good, prompting Codemasters to slap “Actual Gameplay” text on each screen just to drive home the point that the game actually looks decent on Sony’s VR headset.

One of the new updates to DiRT Rally‘s VR release is that the co-driver mode enables two-player co-op. A second player uses the controller and the social screen to help the player using the VR headset navigate around the tracks. That’s actually a really cool feature and could prove to make VR a worthwhile venture with additional features like that.

The VR update received a trailer to showcase how it works (but I guess you really won’t get the feel of it unless you’re actually playing. You can check it out below.

One of the elements they focused on in the trailer was showing that there is steering wheel support while using the PlayStatoin VR, so that adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

As the headline states, this update for DiRT Rally is going to cost you. While it might be cool to be able to expand the gameplay experience on the PS4, the VR update will run you $12.99.

Given how expensive the PSVR is, I don’t know how well the extra costs of a VR mode will go over with audiences. However, given the limited availability of other games in the VR headsets library, some people might be desperate to get their hands on whatever they can. You can grab the DiRT Rally VR update from over on the PlayStation Store.


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