Disqus Will Fight Hate Speech By Censoring Comments On Other Websites

The Regressive agenda continues to bleed its way through the United States’ Constitution like strawberry filling on a Maxi Pad. The next step to taking away the right to express oneself on an open platform has been put into place with a new Hate Speech enforcement policy by Disqus, the same comment section utility that we use on this very site.

Over on the official Disqus blog, Mario Paganini explained that they’re targeting hate speech across websites that use their platform, saying…

“Recently, many passionate users have reached out to us regarding instances of hate speech across our network. Language that offends, threatens, or insults groups solely based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other traits is against our network terms and has no place on the Disqus network”

Paganini explains that sometime in the near future they will release tools for users and publishers to utilize in order to curb hate speech. Previously there used to be a visible downvote button that was used to lower the comment appearance of comments people didn’t like, much like Reddit. However, the Regressive agenda was usually silenced with this tactic, so they had to find another way to keep their voices heard while also silencing the opposition.

Social Justice Warriors hate facts and hate it even more when opinions they don’t agree with are based on irrefutable facts. Hence, their next best thing is to label speech and opinions they don’t like as “hate speech”.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have previously enacted their enforcement against hate speech, resulting in a lot of content being censored and pulled from the networks, including YouTube actively and forcibly attempting to shut down accounts discussing the facts of PizzaGate, labeling such videos as “harassment”. And Twitter has been actively censoring and suspending right wing Conservatives on their platform. Facebook even censored posts that were critical of the SJW’s censorship movement, as reported by the Daily Mail.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will also be utilizing a “Terrorist Content” ban list throughout 2017 to ensure that certain subject matter never makes it to the public light.

According to Paganini, if a website doesn’t enforce censorship on their own audience, the Disqus team will step in to do the censoring, writing…

“We will enforce our terms of service by removing hate speech and harassment on our network. To report hate speech and other abusive behavior, please follow these instructions.

“To support this philosophy, we will also be supporting organizations that are equipped to fight hate speech outside of Disqus. We are exploring several options and plan to dedicate portions of our advertising profits to fight hate speech.”

The blog post was sent to publishers running websites using the Disqus platform. Many of the comments are extremely critical of this move, as they point out that a lot of Regressive SJWs have been trying to get the comment sections on Breitbart shut down and many opposing viewpoints to the Regressive agenda censored. Well, now Disqus may step in to help with that agenda as they will be utilizing their position to oversee and censor content on other websites.


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