Dogolrax: Crazy Out Of This World-inspired Platformer Comes To Greenlight

When I first saw Dogolax on Steam Greenlight I thought it was a low-quality meme-based game that just wanted votes for having a sexy thumbnail of a half-naked girl (and there are many more in the actual game), but after watching the trailer and playing the demo… my opinion has actually changed and Dogolax won me over enough to give the game a “yes” vote on Steam Greenlight.

Team Shuriken is the indie developers behind Dogolax, a game about a man who is transported to a strange and violent world and must attempt to survive and escape the many dangers that lurk around him.

The art style and animations remind me a lot of Out Of This World and Flashback, and the developers also say they took inspiration from Shadow Of The Beast. When I first played the game I noticed right away that the jumping animations and platforming segments needed a bit more work and polish, but I stuck with the demo to play it through and give it a chance.

I like that certain parts of the game has cutscenes to make the experience more immersive, and I really like the environment and the detailed anime style pictures that pops up when you encounter special characters. The plot is nonsensical at times, bloody, gory, or even funny. There were quite a few moments that made me stop and go “What is happening?!?”, but in a good way.

Dogolax isn’t really a good game because it has quite a few flaws, but after finishing the demo I realized that I actually had fun while playing it, and oddly enough, I still want to play it and see more, and if a game makes you want to finish it, that’s good enough for me. Maybe it is because I simply like the genre and we don’t get too many platform games with this style, or maybe it is because the whacky story had so many crazy parts in it that it left me with questions and I now want answers.

Regardless, I think that Dogolax has potential to be a fun indie platform adventure game if they continue to work on it before release. Check out the gameplay trailer that I link below so you can see a bit of what the game is like.

Dogolax is scheduled to release later this month, so if you would like to support the developers and vote for the game, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page. For more information or to download the free demo, you can head on over to their official website for additional details.


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