Double Dragon 4 Cheats Add Unlimited Credits, Infinite Lives
Double Dragon IV
(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)

A couple of new cheat trainers have been made available for Double Dragon IV, the recently released official sequel to Double Dragon III. The fourth game in the series was put together by Arc System Works but it hasn’t been receiving quite as much love as gamers may have been expecting.

The first trainer up is available for download on the Mr. Antifun page. It only has two cheats, infinite health and infinite lives. It might seem redundant but stage hazards can kill you instantly, so while infinite health might help you out in a bind against enemies, it won’t do much about falling into an endless pit… which is where endless lives come into play.

Of course, what if you’re having trouble reaching a certain score or maybe you want a certain amount of credits? Well, you’re in luck because you can also grab the second free trainer available on the WeMod download page that allows you to gain access to the following unlimited cheats.

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Score
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Credits

That’s not a bad way to burn off the weekend when you have a bit of time to play through the retro beat-’em-up sequel, eh?

The PlayStation 4 and PC both received Double Dragon IV, but not everybody is pleased with it. A lot of people are peeved that they decided to take a step backward with the graphics. Many of you might remember that Double Dragon IV (also known as Super Double Dragon or The Return of Double Dragon) had cool 16-bit graphics and featured some awesome fighting and beat-’em-up mechanics. There was also Double Dragon Neon, which was another really awesome entry in the Double Dragon franchise bv WayForward Technologies and Arc System Works.

Unfortunately, the newest follow-up doesn’t really improve on what the last two Double Dragon games introduced, nor does it even include what the last two Double Dragon games had. Nevertheless, if you already bought the bullet and picked up a digital copy of Double Dragon IV, it doesn’t hurt in grabbing a cheat trainer for the game.

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