E3 Will Be Open To The Public, Signaling The End Of SJW Media
E3 2016

I don’t go to gaming websites to learn about a journalist’s personal politics. Anyone trying to shove their own ideology down the mindful throats of their audience is an idiot. Any normal gamer trying to get their game news doesn’t give two squats about who a journalist is blowing, who they want to blow or how they got blown so that they could promote some no-name indie game. The only thing they care about is proper disclosures and details about the game. However, current game’s media is too incompetent to carry out such simple tasks. Thankfully gamers have moved on, and it appears that the ESA is moving on, too.

The Entertainment Software Association announced that E3 will be open to the public, signaling the end of SJW media and the exclusivity they were once granted to the illustrious annual event.

Gamers will be able to walk the show floor and see games, demos, prototypes and technologies firsthand without having to rely on the receiving the information third-hand through the political filter of corporate media.

Tickets for the first 1,000 people will be on sale at the official E3 website for $149. All tickets thereafter for the remaining 14,000 attendees will be available for $249. Tickets will grant users three day access to the event.

You can purchase tickets when they go on sale from over on the official E3 Expo website.

The ESA want to court YouTubers, live-streamers and content creators to give them special access to the show floor to showcase some of the games, prototypes, demos, peripherals and products that will be on display by various big and small exhibitors alike.

Special VIP access will still be available to the traditional dinosaurs in media, but opening up to the public will net the ESA a hefty coin from ticket sales and give the event an even bigger feel than in previous years. I’m just glad they’re no longer sucking the proverbial schlong of media, since none of the “journalists” from mainstream enthusiast outlets deserve preferential treatment after they scuttled the reputation of the gaming industry into the ground by lying and saying their audiences were a bunch of transphobic, racist, misogynistic sexists.


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