E3 Will Be Open To The Public, Signaling The End Of SJW Media
E3 2016
(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

I don’t go to gaming websites to learn about a journalist’s personal politics. Anyone trying to shove their own ideology down the mindful throats of their audience is an idiot. Any normal gamer trying to get their game news doesn’t give two squats about who a journalist is blowing, who they want to blow or how they got blown so that they could promote some no-name indie game. The only thing they care about is proper disclosures and details about the game. However, current game’s media is too incompetent to carry out such simple tasks. Thankfully gamers have moved on, and it appears that the ESA is moving on, too.

The Entertainment Software Association announced that E3 will be open to the public, signaling the end of SJW media and the exclusivity they were once granted to the illustrious annual event.

Gamers will be able to walk the show floor and see games, demos, prototypes and technologies firsthand without having to rely on the receiving the information third-hand through the political filter of corporate media.

Tickets for the first 1,000 people will be on sale at the official E3 website for $149. All tickets thereafter for the remaining 14,000 attendees will be available for $249. Tickets will grant users three day access to the event.

You can purchase tickets when they go on sale from over on the official E3 Expo website.

The ESA want to court YouTubers, live-streamers and content creators to give them special access to the show floor to showcase some of the games, prototypes, demos, peripherals and products that will be on display by various big and small exhibitors alike.

Special VIP access will still be available to the traditional dinosaurs in media, but opening up to the public will net the ESA a hefty coin from ticket sales and give the event an even bigger feel than in previous years. I’m just glad they’re no longer sucking the proverbial schlong of media, since none of the “journalists” from mainstream enthusiast outlets deserve preferential treatment after they scuttled the reputation of the gaming industry into the ground by lying and saying their audiences were a bunch of transphobic, racist, misogynistic sexists.

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  • Xien

    They might wanna station some security in front of any fire alarms to make sure people who don’t agree with having the public there don’t try to set them off and blame it on the gamers.
    I wouldn’t trust them to keep their hands off at this point.

  • Disqusted

    Huh. I thought E3 was always open to everybody. Pretty f’d up if it wasn’t.

  • Alistair

    I agree it a good move by the ESA, they are like bosses in a way. And they see the backstabing from media press and TV and sales loses of games.

    Due to the SJWs femininazi retards, it be intresting to see how this play out.

    Gamers and SJWs in same hall, now the media can call them those buzzwords to their faces.

    If i was a boss in a industry trying to get profits and i see my title getting boycotted, and sales losses does hurt. I will wonder why that is and act upon it.

    If i find out my title is called out, then that same media wont get further copies from me. And my disclosure will be get your SJWs politics out of your reviews of my game.

    • Keystone

      “now the media can call [gamers] those buzzwords to their faces”

      They’re far too cowardly to do that. They’ll shit talk all day on twitter, but I guarantee if you took them to task in person they’d shrink like any bully. They just can’t take the bantz online or in real life.

    • Beartrap Sandwich

      E3 has always been open to regular gamers, and this article doesn’t seem to have any evidence to the contrary…

  • Keystone

    “The ESA want to court YouTubers, live-streamers and content creators to give them special access to the show floor to showcase some of the games, prototypes, demos, peripherals and products that will be on display by various big and small exhibitors alike.”

    Took em’ long enough to figure out Youtubers and streamers tend to be actual gamers who actually like their hobby and fellow hobbyists. This is a good move though, since the only way to get actual information about how well a game plays or if it’s good or not these days is by watching a Youtube video or Twitch stream.

    • Disqusted

      May as well say “ESA finally realizes gamers are actual human beings, aka people, who play games as a hobby.”

  • Ghost

    Substituting cocksucking youtubers for cocksucking “journalists.”

    • It’s hard to hide blowjobs on live-streams.

      • Bitterbear

        handjobs on the other hand..

        • Keystone

          A certain Youtuber has that part of the market cornered:

          • Bitterbear

            Nah, he’s just playing RPG Clicker on his smartphone and you make that kind of face because you have to tap at the screen as fast as you can in order to kill the monsters.

    • Disqusted

      At least the YouTubers actually play the games for more than 5 minutes *cough*IGNSGODHANDREVIEW*cough*, and without the game dumbed down to a pussy version for them.

  • SevTheBear

    So if you live in the US and got around 300 bucks (food, hotel and tickets) waste I guess could be fun 😛 Always wanted to go too E3 and CES. But I don’t live in the US and this is a high ticket price unless you have a good job or are good a saving up.

    It’s good see people that Gamers trust can join the event.

    • Beartrap Sandwich

      E3 has always been open to regular gamers. I went in 2012.