Fast RMX Set To Launch With Nintendo Switch On March 3rd

Fast RMX looks to be carrying the baton that F-Zero left behind — unless of course a magical announcement comes out at some point announcing a new F-Zero game. But until that day arrives Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast RMX sports fast-paced machines designed to get the adrenaline pumping on tracks designed for nothing short of a speed demon. Fast RMX is set to release on the same day as the Nintendo Switch, which is on March 3rd.

That’s right, a release date has been set for the fast-paced racing game Fast RMX. The release date is only a week away from now (or as of this writing), and will allow folks to somewhat capture that fast and destructive feeling that lies in the F-Zero series of games.

This information was confirmed by the developers behind the racing game, Shin’en Multimedia, letting gamers know that Fast RMX will be available via the eShop launch lineup for the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.

Moreover, gameplay sees players challenging other contenders (whether be it your friends or some randoms) in local split-screen or in online races against folks around the world. Roughly holding 30 tracks to race through, 15 vehicles will be available to take control of on any of the futuristic tracks.

Before when we covered this game there was no video available for fans to look over. Now the game has some actual gameplay footage that shows fast racing and some of the tracks, although it is a little old now. You can check out the gameplay video via IGN.

I think that this game will make a lot of people who loved games like Extreme-G, F-Zero and other fast racing games happy. You can most definitely feel the rush once you start picking up speed in Fast RMX. However, the real question is how fun will the game be after a couple of rounds? Well, I’m sure we’ll find out after legit sources post up videos and their thoughts on the game after its launch.

Fast RMX is set to debut for the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.

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