For Honor: Campaign Walkthrough
For Honor Gameplay Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s For Honor has been in the making for a long while, and after years of waiting gamers are finally able to get their hands on the title. For Honor is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For those curious about the campaign mode there’s a full walkthrough available.

The game centers around the rise of the Blackstone Legion in the land of Ashfield. Chapter’s 1, 2 and 3 breakdown to each of the three major factions, including the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. YouTuber MKIceandFire did a full walkthrough of the game that you can check out below.

The full campaign mode for all three of the factions totals out to six hours, which breaks down to around two hours for each faction.

The first mission for the Knights is called Warlords and Cowards, which was demonstrated by Ubisoft back at E3. You learn the basics of combat in For Honor, which we highlighted here on the site a while back.

After you learn the basics you’ll have to clear out a few of the basic tutorial-style objectives and then do battle against a boss character in a duel. If you’re only interested in the Knight’s campaign, you can see how it plays out with the video below.

Earning score and leveling up will unlock new stats for your character.

Playing through the story mode will unlock new feats that you can use during battle, including ones that will help you defensively or offensively.

You can earn points, unlock new feats and replay the story mode to grow your level and get good at For Honor.

The next mission called “And Stay Out” involves some Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay where you’ll need to whittle down the enemy forces by capturing the citadels, defeating the enemy forces and leading your troops to victory.

You’ll face off against the Vikings for the first time as a Knight. You can capture zones by clearing out enemy troops and routing them away from the area. Once they’ve been defeated the zones can be captured, similar to the capture modes in Battlefield or the old Star Wars: Battlefront games.

As you unlock feats you can assign them to your digital pad. Additionally, killing enemy heroes with a heavy blow while their life is low will initiate an execution.

You can also utilize a crossbow turret to also reduce some of the Viking troops after you take over the citadel, but it’s slow and cumbersome. It’s actually faster to hop down and cut down the enemies manually.

After defeating Viking leader the mission will end. The next mission is called “The Blackstone Legion”, which focuses on the Knights slowly all coming under the Blackstone rule.

You’ll start the mission with a bit of help from Stone, who will accompany you down the path toward the Viking outpost.

Fight through the outpost and kill the Vikings until you reach the rogue Knights. You’ll be able to utilize the Revenge meter, which will increase your damage output and your ability to take down enemies quicker.

We learn that Apollyon runs the Blackstone Legion much like how the Sith operate on the dark side.

The next mission is called Valkenheim in Winter, and involves the Blackstone’s attack against the Vikings.

The story from the Knights’ side switch from the Warden to the Lawbringer, Holden Cross.

As Holden Cross, you can learn new attacks such as the Judge, Jury and Executioner combo: RB, RT, RT

Lawbringers are slow and weighty with their attacks, but they take massive life during battle and have heavy swings that can attack multiple opponents at one time.

Make your way through the camp and follow the instructions on taking out the catapults before moving into the main camp for the big siege.

The next mission, “Sabotage”, will see you taking on the role of a Peacekeeper named Mercy.

Peacekeepers can grab, counter, parry and subvert their opponents using a lot of quick stabs and jab attacks.

The Peacekeeper can also do attacks from above, making her ideal for stealth strikes. The mission itself actually plays out like a stealth mission, as small groups of enemies must be dealt with along linear paths.

Make your way through the Viking outpost and switch the levers to complete the objective. There’s a pretty large Viking up top protecting the final lever that will bring down the outpost.

The next mission, “Wolves Among Sheep” sees the Warden back in the fold.

The mission is an escort mission, so be sure to protect the battering ram and clear out the enemy Vikings from the path.

After safeguarding the ram to its destination, more Vikings must be dispatched, and then you’ll need to face off against Gudmundr and his pack of wolves.

Defeating Gudmundr will bring an end to the Knight’s campaign on the normal difficulty setting.

Thus begins Chapter 2: Vikings.

The first mission for the Vikings is called Raiding the Raiders. Players take on the role of a Raider. Using certain feats like Unblockable will enable you to unleash unblockable attacks.

Players will first take on the role of a Raider as part of the Warborn.

You’ll need to take out the enemy Viking troops and burn the gates using the braziers or by picking up the fire flask. If you pick up the fire flask use up on the digital pad to throw it at the burnable buildings.

You can highlight objects on where to throw the fire flask using the red zone on the ground. Objects that light up white can be set on fire.

Make your way through the village and burn down everything in your path. Due to the lack of armor by the Vikings, they are far more susceptible to petty attacks from smaller NPC enemies, so keep your eyes peeled and keep your fingers at the ready on the block button.

Head into the main hut and fight Ragnar. Once you defeat him you’ll get to do a cool horse chase sequence through the forest. Avoid the red targets on the ground where the fire flasks will be dropped.

The next mission is called “Viking Diplomacy”. It takes place in the far north, at the snowy fortress of the Bearclaw clan under the warlord Siv.

For Honor - Siv

You must infiltrate the fortress and free the other Viking prisoners.

Head through the prison camp and free the captives while following the marker to each of the checkpoints where the prisoners must be released from the cages.

Meet up with your crew, fight and kill Siv and a cinematic will play.

The next mission will be “Wood, Iron and Steel”, featuring the Vikings going on the war path against the Blackstone Legion. Players will be put in control of the Warlord Stigandr.

Stigandr is a sword and board user, so you’ll need to focus on blocking and countering by knocking opponents off balance.

Follow the markers and head through the shipyard to let the other Vikings from the Warborn into the shipyard. You can also use the ballista to take out some of their archers and other Blackstone Knights.

Once you complete the ballista mini-game, Julius Salavander will appear and you’ll need to fight him before you can complete the mission. It’s possible to knock him off the bridge, but he’s not too difficult to defeat.

The next mission, called “Up the Beach”, sees the Vikings finally getting back to what they do best… raiding.

They take their ships and head toward the beaches of the Samurai, attempting to take whatever they can from the Japanese warriors.

Battle through the beachfront toward the gate; climb up the wall and open the gate. You’ll have to face off against quite a few Samurai warriors, including a large burly soldier that is easy to take down if you use the Unbreakable feat.

Once the gate is open you’ll need to lead the troops into their fortress and begin to whittle down their forces until you have to face off against the commander, Fujikiyo. He is quick to use Revenge, and has great attack and defenses. Watch his stance and focus on counter-attacks by blocking and quickly striking. If you’re stunned, quickly move back and wait until you recover before engaging again. It’s easy to lose the fight against Fuhikiyo if you aren’t careful.

Once Fujikiyo is defeated, you’ll complete the mission. The next mission is called “Reconnaissance” and players will get their first taste of the Viking Valkyrie, Runa.

The next mission will put you in control of a Valkyrie named Runa. You will have to infiltrate the the Samurai’s monestary, but before you do you’ll have to take down a number of their scouts seeking to ambush you. The first segment of the level will allow you to roam around and take down the enemies at will. They will be marked on your map. Be sure to use the whole area to your advantage and don’t worry about being pigeon holed into one small space. Also, don’t let them control the fight, you can break down their defenses by moving toward them with the left analog stick and press ‘A’ (or ‘X’ on the DualShock) and then holding down and releasing the ‘X’ button (which is Square on DualShock) and she can do a shield bash to disrupt their stance.

Make your way through the Myre and then proceed through the pathway toward the temple after taking out the few patrolmen. There will be a boss at the top of the temple where the map is located. Once you defeat the remaining guards another cinematic will play and you will simply need to make your escape, leading toward the next mission for the Vikings, where they attempt to raid the large city of the Samurai.

The mission is called “The Great Raid”, and it’s a way for the Vikings to return for their former glory. The first part of the raid is simply pushing through and battling through the hordes by hacking and slashing down the Samurai lesser minions.

Unleash your inner Dynasty Warriors and beat the crap out of the Samurai.

Push the Samurai forces all the way back to the bridge and then proceed to head up top and clear out the archers by taking over the zone. As depicted in the video, it might be smart to watch your six and block often to avoid being overwhelmed.

Continue through the causeway toward the gate and secure the section in order to cue the cinematic. While waiting for the door to be opened, battle General Tozen. He will have henchmen with him. Be sure to take out his henchmen first otherwise it will be very difficult to defeat him and they will keep striking you from behind.

After defeating Tokzen you will complete the Vikings’ chapter and a flashback will reveal that Apollyon, many years before, had set it upon herself to put man back into his natural state… a state of war.

Players take on the role of an Orochi for the first mission called “Duty”.

The mission involves a swordsman who was jailed for speaking out of turn. The Orochi is freed from prison by their friends, and resolves to fight off the invading Vikings.

You can pick up the arrow and blow the gates open, similar to using the fire flask when playing as the Vikings.

Move through the burning village and blow up the highlighted fire posts to take out the Viking marauders.

Kill a number of the Vikings in order to proceed to the next objective. You’ll learn how to use the poison traps while capturing and holding a checkpoint.

Continue to defend the area until you complete the objective where you’ll need to push back the Viking horde. You’ll need to complete a short mini-game where you’ll need to defend against incoming Blackstone Legion soldiers on horses. The red indicators will tell you which way they’re coming from.

Following the cinematic, the mission will end and the next mission will see players in control of Ayu for the mission “Thinning The Herd”.

The mission involves moving around in the Myre to kill the war criminals, the Daimyo attempting to usurp the throne. Follow the markers on the map to the Daimyo and kill each of them. This leads into the next mission, “Picking up the Pieces”.

You’ll be back in charge of the Orochi in search of Ayu in the Myre. You’ll need to fight through groups of Vikings to reach Ayu.

After getting into the village where the Viking chieftains are, you’ll have to kill them all in order to proceed. It’s a standard run and slash mission.

Battle your way down to the docks and continue to take out all of the Vikings along the way.

It’s a short mission that shouldn’t take too much time to complete, around 10 minutes.

The next mission is called “Unity”, and it sees the Orochi and Ayu heading toward the palace with an army to take down Seijuro.

In order to get into the inner palace, break through the paper wall on the side of the gate. Simply cut through the walls.

The mission is a bit of a stealth mission, as the Orochi will need to move through, taking out Seijuro’s guards in rder to get to Seijuro at the main gate.

The next step is to luer the elephant to the gate controls by using your emotes. Press Triangle or ‘Y’ to trigger the taunt to lure the elephant around. First get the elephant away from the gate so that it has running room and then go back to the gate controls and press the emote to get to the elephant to charge.

After the gates are lowered, get the elephant to charge at the wooden doors to break them down. Continue to battle through the palace courtyards to fight Seijuro. Once Seijuro is defeated, this will unlock the last series of missions against the Blackstone Legion, starting with “Honor”.


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