For Honor Season Pass Includes XP Bonus, 6 Heroes, 6 Outfits, Exclusive Emblems
For Honor

The Season Pass for Ubisoft’s For Honor has been revealed, featuring six new hero classes for players to control, six new outfits for those six new classes, and a Day One War Pack, featuring a 30 day Champion status buff for XP boosts and additional crafting gear looted at the end of the match.

The Day One pack also contains an exclusive sunbeam emote effect for all the hero classes, and three exclusive emblem outlines, along with three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear.

They showcase all of this stuff in a brief Season Pass trailer that they released recently, which you can check out below.

The trailer reveals that following the release of For Honor, they have plans on rolling out six new maps for the game, e-sports ready ranked play and tournament modes, as well as new weapons and gear for each of the three factions.

According to the trailer roadmap, the game’s content will be broken down into seasons. Every season will add two additional heroes, two additional maps, new armor and new weapons. The maps and heroes will be free, along with the new game modes.

I imagine the cosmetics will be paid for. It’s a tactic that worked out well for Ubisoft with Rainbow Six: Siege, so it’s likely that they’ll repeat the process for For Honor.

The always-on DRM and lack of dedicated servers have turned some gamers off. For people looking for a decent single-player adventure, having to deal with online limitations and restrictions. Even still, games like this don’t come along often. We’ve had a few like Blade Symphony make an appearance in the indie scene, but we haven’t had any decent big-budget games with duel-type sword play make an appearance in a long time.

If For Honor is a game that interests you, you can look to pick up a digital copy or a physical copy for the PS4, PS4 Pro, PC or Xbox One starting February 14th.


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