GTA 5 Augmented Reality Short Film Dives Into The Dangers Of VR And Reality
(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

When the real world sucks so bad that you try to retreat to virtual reality to avoid responsibility, bills, work and all the crap that comes with real life, then you’ve got serious problems. It was one of the defining discussions that was laced throughout the movie The Congress, but short film auteur Lee Iovino decided to do a GTA V-inspired piece based around the same concept.

Mixing in-game gameplay, 3D surrounding visuals and augmented live-action set pieces, Iovino’s eight and a half minute short goes for a bit of shock, a little bit of humor and some off-center storytelling. The short is almost identical in nature to the contrast in real life versus the virtual life that was portrayed in Robin Wright Penn’s The Congress. You can check it out below from the ICantEven channel.

It’s a pretty big departure from his last outings, which centered around remaking old music videos and other pop-cultural treats.

This particular short, however, follows an average girl who gets her hands on a VR headset, and ends up deep-diving into a world of violence, freedom, sex and adventure.

Parts of it seems to pull from The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” music video, which was a short journey through some self-destructive behavior by a young woman. The only major difference was that in The Prodigy’s video, the impression was that it was a destructive young man going around town and wrecking havoc, but it turns out that it was actually a woman.

In this case, we see from the start that it’s just an average girl having a good time in GTA V, who eventually begins to see the possibilities of the virtual world bleeding over into her real world. She loses her job and a willingness to engage in society, and eventually decides to head back to the safety and comfort of VR.

As sad and pathetic as it is to say, that’s likely going to be the future for a lot of young people in about 20 year’s time. What with all the fake news being propagated by mainstream media, corrupt politicians constantly getting away with heinous crimes, and the standards of living being brought down like an elevator with the entire strong man hall of fame inside, I just can’t see enlightened people trucking through rote perfunctory tasks in order to maintain the facade of pretending to be fulfilled. Heck, many of Japan’s youth have already “Noped” out of life, by sticking with their Otaku culture, body pillows and soon their digital girlfriends.

Crazy times.

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